Wednesday, February 11, 2015


February 9, 2015
I made a countdown and hung it on our wall, starting with 18 days i think...only one week more of being this teenage mädel. what a life, what a life.
also HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRODY!!!!! I totally made a note to send that last week, but I didn't! Stoked that you will be there for his baptism!! How fun!!!
Oh my gosh can we all just take a moment to acknowledge hermana megan's pics?? awww they made me miss her soooo much! it is so weird just seeing pics of her and thinking that she is doing the exact same thing a world away. NOTHING SEPARATES THE DREAM TEAM, NOTHING I TELL YOU NOOOOTHING.
Anyway...on a more controlled and serious note.
we had interviews with President Kosak this week! our zone training meeting was in hamburg.( pops the chapel in that one pic awhile ago was the hamburg wartenau chapel.) I always get so nervous right before hand, well especially because I knew he would ask me to teach a 3 to 5 minute lesson in german on one of the first 3 lessons, but when i get in there and sit across from him, it's all goood. Just peace and ruhe. I just smile the whole time, oh my goodness i love him so much! he is so funny and full of the spirit!! That was probably the best part of my week! haha i taught him lesson 2, secretly what i was dreading as it is the hardest for me to keep short and simple ESPECIALLY auf deutsch. BUT he complimtented my german and teaching skills. We had a good time together. Just spending time with him lifts my spirits and entire being pretty much.
So the transfer ends two weeks from today, president hinted to me and sister murdock that she will be leaving: super saaad! But so is it in this life. I mean unlike dear hermana megan who is still on her first comp, i might be getting my 4th, haha 6th if you want to count the mtc...I love getting new comps though, and the Lord is in everything. No worries.
Yesterday we didn't have anyone at church, but we still taught our investigator class. the elders had a recent conver there, and then an investigator. both who speak english as a second language. then our gml, who doesnt speak or understand english, then a ward missionary, this recent convert of about a 1 who speaks english, but in a precious way that makes me want to crack up when he talks, and then this other ward member who can understand but not speak so much. so they all sat in the first two rows of the room, and we just across from them. it was quite a funny site and event. 7 men getting nurtured by the good word from the sisters. hahaha not sure what percentage of the class actuallly understood it all. doch, the elders of course, and the new convert and their inv seemed to enjoy it. then there was the ward missionary who said "amen" after i said something good. haha I love church!
laaater we were klingeling and this dude answered the door. we said we had a besondere botshaft about Jesus Christ and the family. he said okay he was interested. so there in the doorway we asked a few questions just to see what he believed in and alles ging los from there!!!! oh man i think we were standing there for about an hour at least! His wife, they were both early twenties, came and was participating too. we were talking about the Priesthood and the Book of Mormon. So as I mentioned maybe recently our mission is reading the BOM this year. Just a day or two ago we read 2 nephi 29, talking about those who will say " a bibel a bibel, we have a bibel." and what not. oh i meant bible. then the Lord slams down with the truth. GOOD STUFF. Sooo of course when this dude started saying pretty much this scripture directly, the thought came to my mind to read it. hahahaha as I read it I didn't dare to look at him. But dont worry it wasn't in a bashy way at all i promise!! Oh man it was a looong conversation. they were really nice and genuinely interested in getting to know what exactly we believed in and what we thought about what joseph smith has "claimed" to have seen. There were several  points in the conversation where I was like, "wow thank you Holy Ghost for helping me with my German" I TOTALLY was aware of the Spirit guiding us. At the end of the conversation this guy was just like,  I dont even know what to say. He wouldn't take a BOM, but we invited him to at least pray about it, that it could be true. After we left we could not stop talking about them!!! It felt so good to be able to share my testimony that I had read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, and received a confirmation through the Holy Ghost that it is true. Nobody can deny our own testimonies. I am sooooo grateful for my testimony. I KNOW THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST HAS BEEN RESTORED THROUGH A PROPHET. ich weiß dass die kirche, die Jesus selbst gegründet hat, wieder auf der Erde ist. mensch! what a wonderful thing it is to have a testimony!!
Thanks for the emails momsy and pops. Loooove them as usual!!! I missss you!!!
I looooove being a missionary in Germany!!! I JUST LOVE IT.
Stay real and stay close to Heavenly Father!
The next time we hear from each other, I will be 20 WOOHOOOOOOO.
Sister madison mittleman

Germany Is Awesome, Lübeck Is Gorgeous, Lots Of People, Lots Of Tourists.

February 2, 2015
Moin liebe familie and freunde!
So I am feeling muuuuch better. But my poor Sister Murdock has sinus pressure that took its toll this week. we were in for about a day and a half. She feels so bad when we have to stay inside, but, alas, we are mortal. tis something that is sometimes out of our control. and to be the best tools in the lord's hands we have to be healthy and rested!!!
Naja. thanks for your emails this week!!! they were solid. especially that stuff from prez eyering, momma. and that pic of you dad was really rad, dad.
So this week was pretty good, in attitude at least! our STLs came on monday, and sister ter horst and sis murdock found someone together!! MIRACLE. we were fasting, and I know the Lord saw our commitment and preparation. haha ill have to tell you a funny story about our fast someday when i get back! our appnt with this guy is wednesday, im stoked to meet him!!!!! WOOHOO.
Our other inv, Catherine, is suppper wishy washy and told us she doesnt want to be wasting our time. I LOVE HER. but to hear things like this is sooo harddd. she does read in the BOM daily, she says, heeeeey. I think a little break is good though, she can never really get her week in order to make time for us, so maybe she needs time to consider and ponder and get more humble. Yes we have been really honest about progressing in the past if you recall, when she is ready, she will be ready!! until then we will just keep supporting her and loving her. Oh man I love catherine!!!
Germany is awesome.Lübeck is gorgeous. Lots of people. lots of tourists. it snowed a few times this past week, which was pretty. otherwise its rainy and pretty chilly. i love seeing old people on bikes and taking strolls during the day. sooo entertaining. Germans are polite, and very honest. love the honesty part the most. eat a lot of meat and potatoes. and rotkohl. I LOVE ROTKOHL.  bakeries on every corner here in the city. what a life!!! the most occurring shops here are the hair salon, die fahrschule (driving school) und die Bäckerei (bakery). looooove me some german pastries.
The transfer is half over already!!! I really want to stay here another transfer, with sis murdock. we are loving it!!!!!

best thing this week happened yesterday. a less active sister in the ward had a birthday on  friday. we had visited with her once or twice before, and seen her at church a few times. so we took her a birthday card last night. right after we gave it to her, she said, in german of course, " hey I need something from you." and of course as missionaries who live to serve others we were like  YES OF COURSE ANYTHING. haha she asked for a Book of Mormon to give to some dude she works with, I think.  IT WAS AWESOME. good thing this prepared servant had one on hand to give to her. we made an appnt with her to come "practice our german" by teaching her, aka strengthening her testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. after we walked outside, it started snowing with HUGE snowflakes. it was so pretty, and I was feeling so happy and full of the spirit!!! It was awesome!!!!
Also, the zone leaders came to our district meeting on wednesday, which means  elder carpenter came with cinnamon rollls!!!! holy heck sooo goooood. we finished the lot off today. we got to meet elder pinyon, he is pretty chill and from australia. GOOD TIMES.
most challenging? poor sis m not feeling well. also trying not to laugh out loud when people answer the door and just make the worst faces when they see who we are. hahahaha oh man just today I couldn't help but laugh out loud because this girls face was so clearly full of distaste. I loooooooooooove being a missionary!!!
RUTH WAS BAPTIZED!! i will forward the pics from sis Harris. Oh what a heavenly and joyful experience for her!!! I love her so much and could not be more full of joy when I think of what a miracle this is in her life. God is so good. Life is just good. Amen.
Well , alas, I must go. I LOVE YOU. I love being about the Lord's work. I love this calling. I treasure it! Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts. Have a solid week!! loooooove you alllll!!!!!
Liebe grüße,
Sister Mittleman

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

For 6 Weeks Or So I Heard Jacob Singing Everyday Without Even Knowing It!

January 26, 2015
Many liebe grüße from Germany!!! IT SNOWED THIS WEEK. Really cold, but gorgeous!!!

I love Germany so much. I wish I could tell you how much being here means to me and how much I am loving it!!! Words cannot do my feelings justice!!

DISCOVERY. So Elder Clarke, aka Jacob, (mom note: Jacob Clarke’s family lives in our neighborhood and is a friend of Madison & Megan)
 served in the district I am in now, not in Lübeck but in Delingsdorf. For my entire first transfer our ringtone for the Lübeck elders was two elders singing some frozen song. Not gonna lie it drove me crazy. Alas, I digress. Sister Murdock knew the name of one of the elders singing, but not the other. Then one day we found a picture on the phone of said elder, and his companion! Who do you think it is??? JACOB. So for 6 weeks or so I heard Jacob singing everyday without even knowing it! SO FUN RIGHT? What a life, what a life.

Naja. Cool that you met that girl going to Meg's mission!!! Also HOLLLLLA that Ashes is leaving as well!!!! OH and Hayden!!! How fun!!!

Oh before I forget, Sister Webber and Jensen Familie thank you for the cards!! I finally got them!! I was so happy!!! Many thanks!!!!

So I was not feeling well on Tuesday afternoon, but after some sleep it’s all goooood.
Nothing to report on our investigators, the two you could call inv have no time for us, or have no contact with us. haha unfortunately things are goin' slooow. But we are outside everyday klingeling and talking with people. SO MUCH REJECTION. There are nice people will take a card and say they'll look at, but soooo many people are just not interested and want nothing I repeat nothing to do with us. So it is.

Lübeck is trying me. Perhaps that came across in my email last week, but I'll say it again. It is HARD. But I am LOVING it. Embrace the fire!!!!!

Best thing this week? Besides Rittersport being on sale today, I would say one morning this week when the sun was SHINING. It’s been a while since I have actually felt the sun's warmth on my face. I have also just been praying so much this week. I have felt the Holy Ghost in my heart so much this week as well. It keeps me going. I love that feeling! Doesn't get better than that.

Most Challenging. uhhhh having numbers that don't really show our commitment and hard work. naja. Also getting a tinyyyyy email from dear hermana Megan. I know she doesn't have a lot of time, lololol like i always say. But her emails apart from yours make my weeeek.

Sister Murdock surprised me this week with her German. DAS STIMMT ES SOLLTE KEINE ÜBERRASCHUNG SEIN. when you look at who finished her training. hahaha now that the humble pie is down....haha but really! She is doing so well and she is getting more confident in just going for it. awwww yeahhh.

Am I staying warm? hahaha uhhhhh yes. Thermo tights ARE THE BEST. I went and bought another pair, and more socks to wear over those. The wind is mean sometimes, but I have realized that I actually do not get cold too easily. Yes mom I am wearing scarves. But for real for being a Californian, I am handling it pretty well!!

Our zone leaders are coming to our district meeting on Wednesday. One of them is Elder Carpenter, my stud district leader from my first transfer. The other is Elder Pinyon, an Australien!! Talked to him a few times on the phone and he is super chilll and funny. They know what a hard time we are having and are bringing CINNAMON ROLLLS yes you read that right. Elder Carpenter made Sister Norton and me some twice my first transfer. Now 12 weeks later I am getting some again. THEY ARE BOTH SUCH STUDS AND I HAVE MISSIONARY LOVE FOR THEM.

So a funny story that happened this week was when we were on the way home and this dude stopped us and asked where we were from. He was speaking in English. Turns out he was a former inv of the sisters before us. He loves the missionaries and what not, but just can’t accept the Book of Mormon.  BUT HE WONT EVEN READ IT. Maaaan there are only so many things one can say to someone like that. We seriously were out in the snow, I was ohne gloves, talking to this dude and testifying over and over and inviting him to DO SOMETHING instead of just doubting. He was overall really nice, aside from some wacko theories he had. He told me I was very authentic and my testimony comes from the heart. John 7 17. We will come to know the gospel is true by living it!!! I think sister Hinckley said something like that.

WELL. I am livin it up here in Lübeck. Life is good. We are trying and doing our best. I love being a missionary and inviting people to learn more about our Savior and His restored Gospel. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet called of God. I know that following in the footsteps of Jesus will make us happy.  I know God is real. I know He is VERY aware and mindful of me and my circumstances. I KNOW IT. "If we do what's right we have no need to fear"

Sister Mittleman

PS ruth is getting baptized on Saturday!!!!! AWW YEAHHH WOOHOOOOOO. I loooove her!!!!!