Monday, March 30, 2015

Pretty Weather, And Spending Time In A German Garten, What More Does One Need?

March 23, 2015
Greeeetings from Lübeck! Springtime is coming and it is slowly getting GORGEOUS. Two times this week I went out ohne jacke!!! ahhhh yeah!!! Also on the 28th I hit my 7 MONTH MARK. Wahnsinn!!!!

I GOT MY PACKAGE FINNNNALLLY.  I WAS STOKED: THANK YOU mommma the apron is sooooo cuuute and I have already worn it several times. Thanks for all the other sweet little things you put in! I looooved it and it maaade my birthday just straight up awesome!!! THANK YOU.

This week was reallly busy and fun! You should be getting a little postcard in the mail, but ill summarize a little more.

Monday PDAY.
Tues DUCK FINDING. So at a district meeting a little while ago when our zls came, elder carpenter told us of this time he and his companion bought these little plastic ducks and then put them on the ground near a pond, and just stood there. They would ask people if they thought their little duck family was eternal. AND HE SAID IT WORKED. Where do you think this is all going?? Totally sparked the curiosity of Sis Murdock and I (this was a little bit ago) SO we went and bought some little ducks, and then put them in the corner of our apartment, due to bad weather we didn't have the chance to do it. BUT since Sis Brim has been here the weather has been getting progressively better, so on Monday night, we said, "ok, if the weather is pretty tomorrow, then we do it" IT WAS; AND WE DID. oh meine güte. IT WAS SO FUN. We went out by this gorgeous mini lake, on a bridge, drew a little water on the floor with chalk, set the ducks down AND STOOD THERE. hahahaha oh man what a wild ride. We were right near a bus stop too, so every time a bus drove by (this is innenstadt in germany so that means often) it seemed like the whooole bus I kid you not was looking confusedly out the window. And of course everyone walking by was in awe and chuckles, or simply avoiding eye contact of any sort. Some people asked us what we were doing, and sometimes we would just ask people if they thought our duck family was eternal. Surprisingly, many people thought the duck family was eternal, but didn’t think that their own family could be together forever for that long as well. LAME, HUH?. haha giving testimony of the eternal family was fun and uplifting. This dude across the street washing off the patio of a restaurant came over and talked to us, and wanted a Book of Mormon. He is Muslim, but is curious about learning more. Then his coworker came over and told us we could come get some juice if we wanted. We talked to her too, she is from Spain, and is catholic. suuuper funny. She was curious about the differences between our churches, and about the Prophet. RAD. Needless to say, we had a swell time with our sweet little duck family. (Kudos to elder Carpenter for the idea.) Sorry no pics of that, when we do it again ill snap some shots!
Wed- chalked the plan of salvation with the elders here, aka elder Peterson and Whitaker. 
Chalk Art- The Plan of Salvation

elder Whitaker is from my group, and elder Peterson goes home next transfer. They are a funny little pair. So loooots of people talked to us and were interested in what we were drawing. Sis Brim claims not to be artsy, bus she soooo is!! After the elders left, we lingered for a bit. This one dude and I had a great conversation, while sis Brim played with his son. He knows much about our church, but is set in his faith. Still a solid talk of Christ and faith. when he was leaving, he thanked us really kindly, then he reaches into his bag and pulls out this little box of Niederegger chocolate and GAVE IT TO US. So nice!!! Yes I am cautious about taking candy from strangers mach keine Sorgen :))
Thursday-Sisters' Conference in Hamburg! I got to see Sister Harris, and I also met many new cool sisters. We were there practically the whole day. President and Sister Kosak talked to us, and the APs as well. All in english. (booo) I really liked what Sister Kosak said about self esteem; she defined it as the ability to solve our own problems. I had never thought about that before. Even if things are hard, as long as we know what to do to keep the Spirit with us, we will feel comfort, and we will not feel the heaviness of the trials or burdens placed upon us. That was a really uplifting day!! (President complimented me on my German and then hinted that I might be getting transferred; IT IS SO HARD TO TELL WHEN HE IS JOKING) (I love President Kosak!! Mal sehen about transfers.....)

We were going to Tausch with our STLs, but something came up with them, so we will do that next week...

Friday-district meeting. the zls came. That was really fun, as always.  I showed elder Pinyon a picture of Megan and her companion (herm. Gomez) and he  though that I WAS MEGAN AND MEGAN WAS HERMANA GOMEZ HAHAHHAHAHA OH MY GOSH I WAS DYING. That was a funny moment. We had an essenstermin with a family in the ward, and after we offered our help with anything, and she said we could help her weed the garten. lololol in my mind I was thinking yes of course some other day we shall return BUT SHE MEANT RIGHT THEN. So for almost two hours we were chilling on our hands and knees IN THE DIRT IN OUR SKIRTS. Oh my goodness it was soooo fun!!! Pretty weather, and spending time in a german garten, what more does one need? haha I didn’t even have a hair tie, so my hair was just all over the place. I will send a pic of the garten!
woooow this is a long email!!  (you’re welcome) but now to get to your questions...

Yes I am pretty good about writing daily in my journal!

Our little Muslim family we found doesn’t have time for three weeks or so, schade!
We took the man at the restaurant the Book of Mormon, and he said he will read and call us. He is a tiny little thing!
We go to visit frau MH this week with Schw Becker, she is praying to know if das Buch Mormon is true, so keep her in your thoughts!
Catherine is having a hard time with the ward, the language barrier is hard for her, but she continues to pray and read in the scriptures.
Another girl about my age, had met with missionaries a while ago, and then with school they lost contact, but we were able to make contact with her and we looooove her! She is coming back to Lübeck this week, so hopefully we will get to talk with her and she can visit church. She is really sweet and funny. :)

Best thing this week, was probably just everything!!! I loooved this week. I am feelin pretty good:)
Challenging? Uh..... Maybe having to leave my comfy bed each morning :)

Weelllllll thanks for all the love and support! I really feel it all. I miss you. Megan's emails are the best!! Love her and so proud she is having a solid time. I am eternally grateful to be on a mission. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, called of God. I know that through him, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ restored the true church and fullness of the Gospel. I know that Christ is my Redeemer. I love Him, and I love spreading the news of His life and purpose with others. STAY REAL.

liebe grüße
Sister Mittleman

PS Shout out to the Rich family for the cute announcement and talk!! loooooved it!! I was cracking up!!! Elder Kearon is actually coming to a mission conference we have at the end of April I believe, so I'll greet him for you ;)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Heart Was Just FULL I TELL YOU FULL Of Love And Joy.

March 16, 2015

Yes I am ALMOST 100 percent normal. Only a small cough remains. I have drunk lots o' tee this week!!!! Good thing my companion, Sis Brim is the best ever!! She has really been sweet and helpful and patient this week while I was sick.

Alright let's get to the good stuff.

On Thursday the weather was GORGEOUS  so we decided to buy a bunch of flowers and take them to some less actives/investigators/RANDOM PEEPS ON THE STREET yes that’s right. haha that was quite an adventure!! So the first lady we went to is a less active in the ward, since I’ve been here I have only been able to talk to her ONCE on the phone, and I’ve seen her ONCE in person at her door, but she had a besuch so she couldn’t let us in. BUT we went by, she opened up the door, looked at us for a few seconds, then said, KOMMEN SIE REIN. aka come in. AWWW YAAA. a miracle!! That was a really nice, visit, she talked much about her family and her current problems. We gave her some solid support and encouragement, and were able to say a prayer with her. She just kept getting more and more excited to show us pictures and give us chocolate as time went on. It was solid.  The rest of the flowers were mostly well received. Not gonna lie, if a stranger on the street tried giving me a flower on the street I MIGHT be a lil I can respect the rejection and the weird looks we got. But there were also many grateful and precious people who were happy to take them!! Doin work!

Yesterday we had ward conference! That was fun!! The place was packed. We were hoping that one girl we talked to a few times in the week would come, but she couldn’t make it for one reason or another. naja. The bishop and the stake president gave great talks. haha, one of the counselors had to translate the bishops talk for him, that was fun to hear a talk in englisch! After church the whole ward stayed and ate together. I got to talk to Sister Becker for a few minutes about how awesome their family is, and how they are seeing many blessings in their life right now. They are recent converts, and have been here in Lübeck since august. I looooovoe the Beckers!!! bruder and schwester becker are going through the temple this week, and I am just soooo excited for them!!! Seriously after we went home yesterday my heart was just FULL I TELL YOU FULL of love and joy. I was so happy. Man I never thought I could feel so happy as I have been feeling on my mission. TRUTH. I have had so many small experiences of just being so overjoyed and full of the Spirit. I LOVE IT.

So this week was a little slow otherwise. I mean, number wise one would say it's goin slow, but I totally think ITS HAPPENIN. Lots of looking for people who want to listen. It is hard, but I can feel the Spirit guiding us in many ways. Preach my gospel says that we can be satisfied when we feel the spirit working through us. AND I DO. All is well.

Thanks for the prayers, and support. I love being here, and I love giving all my time and effort to the Lord. I try to give it all, because I know that one day when I am home I will still wish I had given more. As a mission in our BOM study, we read Alma 5 today. I am sure that one day after this life, we will wish we had given a little bit more if we didn't. START TODAY. It’s all about making conscious efforts to change, and doing it!!! We are much more capable at that than we realize.

I know that the power of the Atonement is real, we can change into better people. Into the people the Lord would have us be. He has created us, and He loves us. He has a plan for us that is perfect and possible. I know it!


ps it has come to my attention that Zolander 2 comes out early next year....oh my goodness what a coincidence, I will be returning home right around then! GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT ;)

The apartment in Luebeck

Springtime Is Approaching And The City Is Just GORGEOUS.

March 9, 2015

Also I am sick. There I said it. When we went to Kiel on Wednesday for our zone training meeting i didn't wear a scarf, and upon arrival there was like a blizzard or something so I think that's what that was from. I didn't feel sick until Thursday night

ANYWAY let's get to the good stuff.

No I still have not gotten my bday package!!!! I forgot to tell you to send it to me in Lübeck not to the office. I SHOULD get it soon though.... I hope...

THANKS FOR THE PICS. All those pics were the best!!! hahaha Olvera Streeeeet Juanita's taquitos!!!!!!!!  Someday.....

Worst thing of the week has probably been being sick with this little cold. My voice is allllmost gone. haha yesterday at church I had to tell all the people at church "ich bin erkältet" so they wouldn't shake my hand. But there were a few STUDS  who just said " macht nichts" and shook it anyway. Gotta love German men.

SO we had a ztm on Wednesday in KIEL. Such a pretty train ride up there!!!! The city itself is cool I guess. I GOT TO SEE SISTER HARRIS.
Sister Harris & Madison

 It was delightful to see her lovely face that had just left Braunschweig. She is in kiel now, for her last few transfers which is craaaaazy! She and her comp gave a thema, and oh my goodness it was so fun to see her teaching and being all excited like the sis Harris I know her to be!!! So much loooove!!!
Our fearless zone leaders, Elder Carpenter and Elder Pinyon, are hilarious and just studs. They talked much about baptism, and invited us to read in the latter part of Mosiah 18, and to think about how we have personally noticed the blessings of baptism. I love being with other missionaries, it's uplifting and strengthening. haha, you have those moments like, "oh ya, I'm not alone. Other people do this too" if you know what I mean. It really filled my lamp with oil.  Definitely the highlight of my week! auf jeden Fall.

So we went to the long time investigator we had contact with last week, Bruder Goltz, and took a long walk. We talked about baptism, and what is holding him back. He makes his end with work in Oktober, and thinks that it will be easier then to shut out the influences of smoking and drinking. The will is there, one sees that, and he says so himself that he his not that far. But then again he also knows that he could die tomorrow and it isn’t wise to procrastinate the day of repentance. He is so cooooool and so ready!!! He knows and loves the Book of Mormon, and the church. Hopefully now he will have regular contact with the missionaries and members and it will all build him up and keep putting him down this narrow path of righteousness.

This morning we met with Frau MH again in a nutshell, she is really, uh believing? gläubig, but doesn’t really believe in just "one religion." This time we brought Schw Becker, a recent convert from the ward. They talked a lot, and we talked for a bit about religion and faith in God.  Then it got good as we talked about having testimony of the Book of Mormon. We invited her to be baptized, as she knows  and receives a confirmation of everything we talk about. She said yes, but that she will really have to have a desire to do it. Man she is so cool! She really understands the importance of having agency, and having the desire and self motivation to do it. So pretty much, it's all depending on her coming to the knowledge that the Book of Mormon is true. GOOD THING IT IS. Truth is eternal, and truth will never change. God will always, in His own time of course, reveal truth to us.

We also ran into Catherine today! Out on the street. Catherine aka longggg time inv of the sisters. Loves church and the Book of Mormon, but taking the step to be baptized is her problem. She has commitment issues. BUT this morning she told us not to worry, our time with her is not going to waste, she loves and appreciates our kindness and love. She said she sees signs everywhere that God is showing her the right path with this church. SO LOVABLE. She also has this crazy laugh, haha which sounds especially funny on the phone. I love her!

Springtime is approaching and the city is just GORGEOUS.
Little wild flowers are popping up all over the place. I love Germany so much. I love being alive. Sometimes I just have these little moments of realization that the plan of salvation is REAL. WE ARE HERE ON EARTH. What are we even doing with ourselves???  If we ever need a reminder let’s just flip over to Alma 5. I know that there is a specific purpose for my life here. I know that I am preparing to return home to Father in Heaven. It is miraculous how this knowledge and outlook can change everything. Yesterday at our eating appt, the Beckers, recent converts, asked how we stay strong when we face so much rejection. I was like, seriously, after so many rejections, it has led me to think, " This is true, right???" There is no way I could get through any of this, or even the other trials of life that will come, if I did not know that God is real. That Jesus is the Christ, that He came to earth, and that He will come again. That through Him, I can and WILL succeed. How cool is that?! With the Savior, THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN FAIL. Everyday I try to learn and take this to heart a little bit more.
I LOVE YOU!!! Go eat a breakfast burrito for me!!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Heavenly Father Led Us Through This Sweet Ward Member To Find Them!!

March 2, 2015
YES that is right, I have been out for 6 MONTHS. TIME HAS FLOWWWWWN BY BUT HERE WE ARE. At this time next year I will probably be home. But alas, let us not dwell on the unimportant matters of the future....

Totally I blew 6 euro on some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to celebrate...worth it!!!!!

So I had to say goodbye to dear Sister Murdock!!!  My companion of 2 transfers in lovely Lübeck. She is in Leipzig now being a cool senior companion. I miss her tons, but so ist es auf mission ya know? I'm grateful and happy that we had 12 solid weeks of all kinds of good times. We really grew a lot together, that's for sure.

Speaking of new companions....SISTER BRIM is here! Here are a few fun facts..
One transfer younger than me
From Spokane Washington
Really down to earth, and connects to people very easily. Such a natural.
Let the good times roll!

So Tuesday morning, after a member and I saw sister Murdock off... I got to chill!!! haha so Schwester Scheel and I went back to her house. We took their dogs on a gorgeous walk in the neighborhood, made gebrannte mandeln (i seriously ate them all by the end of the day, sis Brim could not believe it hahaha), went and bought our apartment a new toaster, ate breakfast, haha it was really weird being alone. Well without another missionary I mean. But it was so fun!!!

MOM AND DAD YES I DO MY OWN LAUNDRY. sillllllly question. But I can see where this is coming from I guess...

Sooo there is this old investigator in our area book who the sisters lost contact with, and we too could never get a hold of, and he leaves a lil ways out of the way so we never had time to go try and visit him. BUT this week sis brim and I said hey why not lets goooo. 20 euro later and we were there...AND HE WAS THERE. I was goin crazy it was a miracle!! He knew its always weird with transfers, and then he has been way busy, but he was glad to see us! He's really cool and knows the Book of Mormon really well. We are going back on Wednesday! I'm stoked!

Yesterday we ate with familie Scheel, potatoes, meat and rotkohl, NEED I SAY MORE?? OH MEINE GÜTE. So schwester Scheel gave me copies of her recipes for the gebrannte mandeln we made on tues, and then for the rotkohl. So as mittages was winding down, Isomehow started talking about how much I love gebrannte mandeln, and schwester Scheel was like, we have time, I can make some right now! AND SHE DID. hahahhaha sister Brim couldn't believe it, hahah I was just laughing. Schw Scheel is the sweetest!! Needless to say we had something to munch on for the rest of the day.

Hghlight of the week!  Last month we had asked a member to pray about a street to where we should go. We had visited most of the street, but decided to save the hoch häuser for another time, uh the apartment buildings I mean? We went there after our eating appointment, and after 30 or 45 minutes or so of nothing, this family let us up. When we said we talk about Jesus Christ and the family they like immediately let us in!!! soooooooo coooooool. They are Muslim, and have been here for almost a year. They really liked talking to us, and we are going back next week to discuss more. They had the cutest little sons!! It was awesome!!! Heavenly Father led us through this sweet ward member to find them!! I know it!  Man I love being a missionary!!

So this morning we went to an appnt with a lady who lives about 20 mins away by bus, we made the appnt on Thurs with her, never talked with her more than just at the door. It was rainy so I was feelin pretty good that we had somewhere to be than outside. Sure enough we got there and there was a note on the door that something had come up and she had to cancel. She said she didn’t have our number (DOCH MEINE FRAU) or she would have called. oohhhhh man so sad!! You know what that means. KLINGELING IN THE RAIN.  Man oh man it was raining. I may or may not have been ohne scarf....getting soaked and not getting let in. BUT then our GML, Bruder Nowak, called, just to see how we were doing. haha he said it was nice to hear my sympatisch and positive voice and it totally made my day! Heavenly Father is always looking out for me. I know He is always there, and He wants to help me with everything. I was reading this week about prayer in Alma 34:17-27. We really should pray about everything, because Father in Heaven REALLY wants to hear about everything FROM US. Sometimes I think, oh He already knows what I am thinking about, or what is hard for me, but I have really learned just to tell Him myself. To pray, and know that I am being heard is really quite one of the most important knowledges I have. DO WE KNOW HIM AS WELL AS HE KNOWS US??

I LOVE IT HERE AND WOULD NOT BE ANYWHERE ELSE. Being in the service of the Lord is the best thing I can do for others and for myself.

A Phone Call And Song Was The Icing On The Cake.

February 23, 2015
Hallo und guten Tage liebe freunde und familie.
THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES. It was so toll to hear from so many of you, I really appreciate it!! Massive thank you all around!!!

So the rest of my birthday was OFF THE HOOK. In a missionary way of course. My zone leaders called and sang, as did my DL, and then....wait for it....get we go.... PRESIDENT KOSAK AND SISTER KOSAK CALLED AND SANG AS WELL. Oh meine güte probably the best rendition of happy birthday ever. Highlight of my week. I had said in my email that day to President that it was my birthday, but oh man a phone call and song was the icing on the cake. I wanted to tell you to just send the bday envelope to me, so I don’t have it yet and probs wont get it for a few more weeks or so.. but THANK YOU. ich freue mich schon!

Hardest part, probs the baaaad weather. brrrrrrrr. It’s all good though cause my testimony keeps me warm if you know what I mean.

soooo yes we had transfer calls and sis Murdock is leaving.....TO LEIPZIG. But yes I will be staying!! 3 transfers in one area this is a first and I am stooooked. This will be my 4th comp in 5 transfers, so that is weird. But sooooooo ist es auf mission!! sis Murdock will be comps with someone a transfer YOUNGER than her so this will be fun for her to take the lead. But alas, I have trained her well and know she will continue to be solid. I will be receiving sister BRIM. She is coming from Hildesheim, also a transfer younger than me. Oh man not going to lie I was really hoping for someone older and more experienced than me, but this is the way the Lord intends it to be. So let it be written, so let it be done, right pops?
Investigators are still just simmering over, but our efforts were solid this week. I am just loving this "hard time". The Germans hold such a close place to my heart, man I just loving being here.
Holstentor in Luebeck
I have really learned that the Lord qualifies those He calls. I always think I have to reach a certain level and then I become a useful tool in His hands, but that is FALSCH. I am ready and capable NOW to do whatever He asks of me. Something came to mind about this when I was looking through my notes of what Elder Bednar said to us last year, "don't be perfect, just be worthy" SO TRUE. Do we have to be perfect to get baptized? To go into the Temple? nooo. we must be worthy. jeden Tag müssen wir uns bemühen, besser zu werden.The Lord recognizes every single step of progress we make, not how much we still have to go! As long as we are headed in the right direction, towards Jesus and God, distance does not matter. Alma 37 7 has never hit me harder and deeper than since being a missionary.  We are really nothing. NOTHING.  But we have God on our side, this "unseen power will aid me and you " in this glorious cause and journey. I know it. What a wunder and miracle to know that God loves us, and is there for us. Always.

sister madison mittleman

OH My Goodness I Am 20 Years Oollllllddd. WHAT A LIFE.

February 16, 2015

 OH meine güte I am 20 years oollllllddd. WHAT A LIFE.

Happy 20th Madison!
Worked this morning. For lunch we had schnitzel, knödel, and rotkohl. sooo gooood. i have yet to buy cake. Then for dinner I will eat a döner. haha i told Jackie, the dude who runs our internet laden that it was my birthday, and he brought me free hot cocoa. Yesss! .Took a mini snooze, got our shopping done, and after this we will do whatever I wannnnt aka PARTYYY in a missionary way of course.

WHAT A FUN WEEK IN UTAH. Thanks sooooo much for the pictures and also for the emails!!!! I am so happy that you all had such a fun time!!! What a precious day for Brody and his family and his posterity even if I may be so bold to say so. Seeing those pictures of you all made me so happy, probs the best thing of today so far! Ich liebe meine Familie!!

One of Hermana (Megan) Mittlemans investigators got BAPTIZED WHAAAAAAAA not gonna lie I was confused because I thought this Alicia frau was like a young person so when I saw the pictures of the older lady I didn't know what was going on but THEN of course I read the email and IT ALL MADE SENSE. naja! Oh wow what a miracle and blessing that baptism was! My little heart is so full of love for my liebe sister, her presh companion, and Alicia. AND BRODY OF COURSE. what a weekend of good times. as hermana Megan says, celebrate heeeey!!!

SO let's talk. This past week was rad. Wednesday we had an appnt with this German lady who just made a termin (appt) out with us. So we went over, and talked about the restoration. When we talked about Joseph smith and the First Vision, she said, "wow why don't more people know about this, this is important?" haha and we were like YES LADY THAT IS CORRECT HENCE SIND WIR DA AUF MISSION: sorry for the denglish but you know what I mean. But we talked about the love of God, and she shared her feelings that she knows, despite all of the hard times that she has faced, that He is always there for her. Tears were shed, and the Spirit was there. Oh my goodness what a tender experience!! I love being a missionary!! Best thing of the week.

LAST WEEK OF THE TRANSFER. oh man I do noooot want my sister Murdock to leave, but so ist es auf mission. naja. I will be stoked for a new comp though, nevertheless. This week we are going to DO WORK together. The final run of the dream team. geht's los!

So last night after planning and after we had talked to elder Mace, sis Murdock was exhausted and went straight to bed. I did the dishes while listening to the motab.  Cue pondering my past year and next year of life. There in our little apartment, chillin in front of the sink, I had such a tender little experience. The song "I am a child of God" has taken on so much more meaning to me. I usually listen to it at least 4 times in a row when it comes on. The fourth verse gets me every time, and last night I was so touched by those sweet truths. " I am a child of God. His promises are sure. Celestial glory shall be mine, if I can but endure." IF I CAN BUT ENDURE: CELSTIAL GLORY IS AT STAKE HERE. Do we even realize that every day!!! Where is our focus?? I am so so so sure that there is more to life than just being here on Earth. I am so grateful to my Vater im Himmel, that He sent me here, and that He has given me EVERYTHING I need to make it back to Him. Our goal is sooooo achievable!!! We can do this!! I know it.

I reach my 6 month mark on the 28th. This time has gone by so fast! I love every single day. haha one of my favorite sights and sounds is a little old German lady opening the door and greating us. Even though we don't always get the response a missionary would hope for, it feels just great to smile and be smiled at in return with a little deutsch goodbye. I love Germany so much. I feel so blessed to be here. EVEN ON MY BIRTHDAY. haha i love sacrificing this time and effort to serve the Lord and His children.

I thought about you all a looot this week. I love you all. Stay real!!!!

liebe grüße,
Sister Madison Mittleman