Monday, March 30, 2015

Pretty Weather, And Spending Time In A German Garten, What More Does One Need?

March 23, 2015
Greeeetings from Lübeck! Springtime is coming and it is slowly getting GORGEOUS. Two times this week I went out ohne jacke!!! ahhhh yeah!!! Also on the 28th I hit my 7 MONTH MARK. Wahnsinn!!!!

I GOT MY PACKAGE FINNNNALLLY.  I WAS STOKED: THANK YOU mommma the apron is sooooo cuuute and I have already worn it several times. Thanks for all the other sweet little things you put in! I looooved it and it maaade my birthday just straight up awesome!!! THANK YOU.

This week was reallly busy and fun! You should be getting a little postcard in the mail, but ill summarize a little more.

Monday PDAY.
Tues DUCK FINDING. So at a district meeting a little while ago when our zls came, elder carpenter told us of this time he and his companion bought these little plastic ducks and then put them on the ground near a pond, and just stood there. They would ask people if they thought their little duck family was eternal. AND HE SAID IT WORKED. Where do you think this is all going?? Totally sparked the curiosity of Sis Murdock and I (this was a little bit ago) SO we went and bought some little ducks, and then put them in the corner of our apartment, due to bad weather we didn't have the chance to do it. BUT since Sis Brim has been here the weather has been getting progressively better, so on Monday night, we said, "ok, if the weather is pretty tomorrow, then we do it" IT WAS; AND WE DID. oh meine güte. IT WAS SO FUN. We went out by this gorgeous mini lake, on a bridge, drew a little water on the floor with chalk, set the ducks down AND STOOD THERE. hahahaha oh man what a wild ride. We were right near a bus stop too, so every time a bus drove by (this is innenstadt in germany so that means often) it seemed like the whooole bus I kid you not was looking confusedly out the window. And of course everyone walking by was in awe and chuckles, or simply avoiding eye contact of any sort. Some people asked us what we were doing, and sometimes we would just ask people if they thought our duck family was eternal. Surprisingly, many people thought the duck family was eternal, but didn’t think that their own family could be together forever for that long as well. LAME, HUH?. haha giving testimony of the eternal family was fun and uplifting. This dude across the street washing off the patio of a restaurant came over and talked to us, and wanted a Book of Mormon. He is Muslim, but is curious about learning more. Then his coworker came over and told us we could come get some juice if we wanted. We talked to her too, she is from Spain, and is catholic. suuuper funny. She was curious about the differences between our churches, and about the Prophet. RAD. Needless to say, we had a swell time with our sweet little duck family. (Kudos to elder Carpenter for the idea.) Sorry no pics of that, when we do it again ill snap some shots!
Wed- chalked the plan of salvation with the elders here, aka elder Peterson and Whitaker. 
Chalk Art- The Plan of Salvation

elder Whitaker is from my group, and elder Peterson goes home next transfer. They are a funny little pair. So loooots of people talked to us and were interested in what we were drawing. Sis Brim claims not to be artsy, bus she soooo is!! After the elders left, we lingered for a bit. This one dude and I had a great conversation, while sis Brim played with his son. He knows much about our church, but is set in his faith. Still a solid talk of Christ and faith. when he was leaving, he thanked us really kindly, then he reaches into his bag and pulls out this little box of Niederegger chocolate and GAVE IT TO US. So nice!!! Yes I am cautious about taking candy from strangers mach keine Sorgen :))
Thursday-Sisters' Conference in Hamburg! I got to see Sister Harris, and I also met many new cool sisters. We were there practically the whole day. President and Sister Kosak talked to us, and the APs as well. All in english. (booo) I really liked what Sister Kosak said about self esteem; she defined it as the ability to solve our own problems. I had never thought about that before. Even if things are hard, as long as we know what to do to keep the Spirit with us, we will feel comfort, and we will not feel the heaviness of the trials or burdens placed upon us. That was a really uplifting day!! (President complimented me on my German and then hinted that I might be getting transferred; IT IS SO HARD TO TELL WHEN HE IS JOKING) (I love President Kosak!! Mal sehen about transfers.....)

We were going to Tausch with our STLs, but something came up with them, so we will do that next week...

Friday-district meeting. the zls came. That was really fun, as always.  I showed elder Pinyon a picture of Megan and her companion (herm. Gomez) and he  though that I WAS MEGAN AND MEGAN WAS HERMANA GOMEZ HAHAHHAHAHA OH MY GOSH I WAS DYING. That was a funny moment. We had an essenstermin with a family in the ward, and after we offered our help with anything, and she said we could help her weed the garten. lololol in my mind I was thinking yes of course some other day we shall return BUT SHE MEANT RIGHT THEN. So for almost two hours we were chilling on our hands and knees IN THE DIRT IN OUR SKIRTS. Oh my goodness it was soooo fun!!! Pretty weather, and spending time in a german garten, what more does one need? haha I didn’t even have a hair tie, so my hair was just all over the place. I will send a pic of the garten!
woooow this is a long email!!  (you’re welcome) but now to get to your questions...

Yes I am pretty good about writing daily in my journal!

Our little Muslim family we found doesn’t have time for three weeks or so, schade!
We took the man at the restaurant the Book of Mormon, and he said he will read and call us. He is a tiny little thing!
We go to visit frau MH this week with Schw Becker, she is praying to know if das Buch Mormon is true, so keep her in your thoughts!
Catherine is having a hard time with the ward, the language barrier is hard for her, but she continues to pray and read in the scriptures.
Another girl about my age, had met with missionaries a while ago, and then with school they lost contact, but we were able to make contact with her and we looooove her! She is coming back to Lübeck this week, so hopefully we will get to talk with her and she can visit church. She is really sweet and funny. :)

Best thing this week, was probably just everything!!! I loooved this week. I am feelin pretty good:)
Challenging? Uh..... Maybe having to leave my comfy bed each morning :)

Weelllllll thanks for all the love and support! I really feel it all. I miss you. Megan's emails are the best!! Love her and so proud she is having a solid time. I am eternally grateful to be on a mission. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, called of God. I know that through him, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ restored the true church and fullness of the Gospel. I know that Christ is my Redeemer. I love Him, and I love spreading the news of His life and purpose with others. STAY REAL.

liebe grüße
Sister Mittleman

PS Shout out to the Rich family for the cute announcement and talk!! loooooved it!! I was cracking up!!! Elder Kearon is actually coming to a mission conference we have at the end of April I believe, so I'll greet him for you ;)

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