Monday, March 2, 2015

A Phone Call And Song Was The Icing On The Cake.

February 23, 2015
Hallo und guten Tage liebe freunde und familie.
THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES. It was so toll to hear from so many of you, I really appreciate it!! Massive thank you all around!!!

So the rest of my birthday was OFF THE HOOK. In a missionary way of course. My zone leaders called and sang, as did my DL, and then....wait for it....get we go.... PRESIDENT KOSAK AND SISTER KOSAK CALLED AND SANG AS WELL. Oh meine güte probably the best rendition of happy birthday ever. Highlight of my week. I had said in my email that day to President that it was my birthday, but oh man a phone call and song was the icing on the cake. I wanted to tell you to just send the bday envelope to me, so I don’t have it yet and probs wont get it for a few more weeks or so.. but THANK YOU. ich freue mich schon!

Hardest part, probs the baaaad weather. brrrrrrrr. It’s all good though cause my testimony keeps me warm if you know what I mean.

soooo yes we had transfer calls and sis Murdock is leaving.....TO LEIPZIG. But yes I will be staying!! 3 transfers in one area this is a first and I am stooooked. This will be my 4th comp in 5 transfers, so that is weird. But sooooooo ist es auf mission!! sis Murdock will be comps with someone a transfer YOUNGER than her so this will be fun for her to take the lead. But alas, I have trained her well and know she will continue to be solid. I will be receiving sister BRIM. She is coming from Hildesheim, also a transfer younger than me. Oh man not going to lie I was really hoping for someone older and more experienced than me, but this is the way the Lord intends it to be. So let it be written, so let it be done, right pops?
Investigators are still just simmering over, but our efforts were solid this week. I am just loving this "hard time". The Germans hold such a close place to my heart, man I just loving being here.
Holstentor in Luebeck
I have really learned that the Lord qualifies those He calls. I always think I have to reach a certain level and then I become a useful tool in His hands, but that is FALSCH. I am ready and capable NOW to do whatever He asks of me. Something came to mind about this when I was looking through my notes of what Elder Bednar said to us last year, "don't be perfect, just be worthy" SO TRUE. Do we have to be perfect to get baptized? To go into the Temple? nooo. we must be worthy. jeden Tag müssen wir uns bemühen, besser zu werden.The Lord recognizes every single step of progress we make, not how much we still have to go! As long as we are headed in the right direction, towards Jesus and God, distance does not matter. Alma 37 7 has never hit me harder and deeper than since being a missionary.  We are really nothing. NOTHING.  But we have God on our side, this "unseen power will aid me and you " in this glorious cause and journey. I know it. What a wunder and miracle to know that God loves us, and is there for us. Always.

sister madison mittleman

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