Monday, March 2, 2015

Heavenly Father Led Us Through This Sweet Ward Member To Find Them!!

March 2, 2015
YES that is right, I have been out for 6 MONTHS. TIME HAS FLOWWWWWN BY BUT HERE WE ARE. At this time next year I will probably be home. But alas, let us not dwell on the unimportant matters of the future....

Totally I blew 6 euro on some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to celebrate...worth it!!!!!

So I had to say goodbye to dear Sister Murdock!!!  My companion of 2 transfers in lovely Lübeck. She is in Leipzig now being a cool senior companion. I miss her tons, but so ist es auf mission ya know? I'm grateful and happy that we had 12 solid weeks of all kinds of good times. We really grew a lot together, that's for sure.

Speaking of new companions....SISTER BRIM is here! Here are a few fun facts..
One transfer younger than me
From Spokane Washington
Really down to earth, and connects to people very easily. Such a natural.
Let the good times roll!

So Tuesday morning, after a member and I saw sister Murdock off... I got to chill!!! haha so Schwester Scheel and I went back to her house. We took their dogs on a gorgeous walk in the neighborhood, made gebrannte mandeln (i seriously ate them all by the end of the day, sis Brim could not believe it hahaha), went and bought our apartment a new toaster, ate breakfast, haha it was really weird being alone. Well without another missionary I mean. But it was so fun!!!

MOM AND DAD YES I DO MY OWN LAUNDRY. sillllllly question. But I can see where this is coming from I guess...

Sooo there is this old investigator in our area book who the sisters lost contact with, and we too could never get a hold of, and he leaves a lil ways out of the way so we never had time to go try and visit him. BUT this week sis brim and I said hey why not lets goooo. 20 euro later and we were there...AND HE WAS THERE. I was goin crazy it was a miracle!! He knew its always weird with transfers, and then he has been way busy, but he was glad to see us! He's really cool and knows the Book of Mormon really well. We are going back on Wednesday! I'm stoked!

Yesterday we ate with familie Scheel, potatoes, meat and rotkohl, NEED I SAY MORE?? OH MEINE GÜTE. So schwester Scheel gave me copies of her recipes for the gebrannte mandeln we made on tues, and then for the rotkohl. So as mittages was winding down, Isomehow started talking about how much I love gebrannte mandeln, and schwester Scheel was like, we have time, I can make some right now! AND SHE DID. hahahhaha sister Brim couldn't believe it, hahah I was just laughing. Schw Scheel is the sweetest!! Needless to say we had something to munch on for the rest of the day.

Hghlight of the week!  Last month we had asked a member to pray about a street to where we should go. We had visited most of the street, but decided to save the hoch häuser for another time, uh the apartment buildings I mean? We went there after our eating appointment, and after 30 or 45 minutes or so of nothing, this family let us up. When we said we talk about Jesus Christ and the family they like immediately let us in!!! soooooooo coooooool. They are Muslim, and have been here for almost a year. They really liked talking to us, and we are going back next week to discuss more. They had the cutest little sons!! It was awesome!!! Heavenly Father led us through this sweet ward member to find them!! I know it!  Man I love being a missionary!!

So this morning we went to an appnt with a lady who lives about 20 mins away by bus, we made the appnt on Thurs with her, never talked with her more than just at the door. It was rainy so I was feelin pretty good that we had somewhere to be than outside. Sure enough we got there and there was a note on the door that something had come up and she had to cancel. She said she didn’t have our number (DOCH MEINE FRAU) or she would have called. oohhhhh man so sad!! You know what that means. KLINGELING IN THE RAIN.  Man oh man it was raining. I may or may not have been ohne scarf....getting soaked and not getting let in. BUT then our GML, Bruder Nowak, called, just to see how we were doing. haha he said it was nice to hear my sympatisch and positive voice and it totally made my day! Heavenly Father is always looking out for me. I know He is always there, and He wants to help me with everything. I was reading this week about prayer in Alma 34:17-27. We really should pray about everything, because Father in Heaven REALLY wants to hear about everything FROM US. Sometimes I think, oh He already knows what I am thinking about, or what is hard for me, but I have really learned just to tell Him myself. To pray, and know that I am being heard is really quite one of the most important knowledges I have. DO WE KNOW HIM AS WELL AS HE KNOWS US??

I LOVE IT HERE AND WOULD NOT BE ANYWHERE ELSE. Being in the service of the Lord is the best thing I can do for others and for myself.

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