Monday, March 2, 2015

OH My Goodness I Am 20 Years Oollllllddd. WHAT A LIFE.

February 16, 2015

 OH meine güte I am 20 years oollllllddd. WHAT A LIFE.

Happy 20th Madison!
Worked this morning. For lunch we had schnitzel, knödel, and rotkohl. sooo gooood. i have yet to buy cake. Then for dinner I will eat a döner. haha i told Jackie, the dude who runs our internet laden that it was my birthday, and he brought me free hot cocoa. Yesss! .Took a mini snooze, got our shopping done, and after this we will do whatever I wannnnt aka PARTYYY in a missionary way of course.

WHAT A FUN WEEK IN UTAH. Thanks sooooo much for the pictures and also for the emails!!!! I am so happy that you all had such a fun time!!! What a precious day for Brody and his family and his posterity even if I may be so bold to say so. Seeing those pictures of you all made me so happy, probs the best thing of today so far! Ich liebe meine Familie!!

One of Hermana (Megan) Mittlemans investigators got BAPTIZED WHAAAAAAAA not gonna lie I was confused because I thought this Alicia frau was like a young person so when I saw the pictures of the older lady I didn't know what was going on but THEN of course I read the email and IT ALL MADE SENSE. naja! Oh wow what a miracle and blessing that baptism was! My little heart is so full of love for my liebe sister, her presh companion, and Alicia. AND BRODY OF COURSE. what a weekend of good times. as hermana Megan says, celebrate heeeey!!!

SO let's talk. This past week was rad. Wednesday we had an appnt with this German lady who just made a termin (appt) out with us. So we went over, and talked about the restoration. When we talked about Joseph smith and the First Vision, she said, "wow why don't more people know about this, this is important?" haha and we were like YES LADY THAT IS CORRECT HENCE SIND WIR DA AUF MISSION: sorry for the denglish but you know what I mean. But we talked about the love of God, and she shared her feelings that she knows, despite all of the hard times that she has faced, that He is always there for her. Tears were shed, and the Spirit was there. Oh my goodness what a tender experience!! I love being a missionary!! Best thing of the week.

LAST WEEK OF THE TRANSFER. oh man I do noooot want my sister Murdock to leave, but so ist es auf mission. naja. I will be stoked for a new comp though, nevertheless. This week we are going to DO WORK together. The final run of the dream team. geht's los!

So last night after planning and after we had talked to elder Mace, sis Murdock was exhausted and went straight to bed. I did the dishes while listening to the motab.  Cue pondering my past year and next year of life. There in our little apartment, chillin in front of the sink, I had such a tender little experience. The song "I am a child of God" has taken on so much more meaning to me. I usually listen to it at least 4 times in a row when it comes on. The fourth verse gets me every time, and last night I was so touched by those sweet truths. " I am a child of God. His promises are sure. Celestial glory shall be mine, if I can but endure." IF I CAN BUT ENDURE: CELSTIAL GLORY IS AT STAKE HERE. Do we even realize that every day!!! Where is our focus?? I am so so so sure that there is more to life than just being here on Earth. I am so grateful to my Vater im Himmel, that He sent me here, and that He has given me EVERYTHING I need to make it back to Him. Our goal is sooooo achievable!!! We can do this!! I know it.

I reach my 6 month mark on the 28th. This time has gone by so fast! I love every single day. haha one of my favorite sights and sounds is a little old German lady opening the door and greating us. Even though we don't always get the response a missionary would hope for, it feels just great to smile and be smiled at in return with a little deutsch goodbye. I love Germany so much. I feel so blessed to be here. EVEN ON MY BIRTHDAY. haha i love sacrificing this time and effort to serve the Lord and His children.

I thought about you all a looot this week. I love you all. Stay real!!!!

liebe grüße,
Sister Madison Mittleman

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