Sunday, March 29, 2015

Springtime Is Approaching And The City Is Just GORGEOUS.

March 9, 2015

Also I am sick. There I said it. When we went to Kiel on Wednesday for our zone training meeting i didn't wear a scarf, and upon arrival there was like a blizzard or something so I think that's what that was from. I didn't feel sick until Thursday night

ANYWAY let's get to the good stuff.

No I still have not gotten my bday package!!!! I forgot to tell you to send it to me in Lübeck not to the office. I SHOULD get it soon though.... I hope...

THANKS FOR THE PICS. All those pics were the best!!! hahaha Olvera Streeeeet Juanita's taquitos!!!!!!!!  Someday.....

Worst thing of the week has probably been being sick with this little cold. My voice is allllmost gone. haha yesterday at church I had to tell all the people at church "ich bin erkältet" so they wouldn't shake my hand. But there were a few STUDS  who just said " macht nichts" and shook it anyway. Gotta love German men.

SO we had a ztm on Wednesday in KIEL. Such a pretty train ride up there!!!! The city itself is cool I guess. I GOT TO SEE SISTER HARRIS.
Sister Harris & Madison

 It was delightful to see her lovely face that had just left Braunschweig. She is in kiel now, for her last few transfers which is craaaaazy! She and her comp gave a thema, and oh my goodness it was so fun to see her teaching and being all excited like the sis Harris I know her to be!!! So much loooove!!!
Our fearless zone leaders, Elder Carpenter and Elder Pinyon, are hilarious and just studs. They talked much about baptism, and invited us to read in the latter part of Mosiah 18, and to think about how we have personally noticed the blessings of baptism. I love being with other missionaries, it's uplifting and strengthening. haha, you have those moments like, "oh ya, I'm not alone. Other people do this too" if you know what I mean. It really filled my lamp with oil.  Definitely the highlight of my week! auf jeden Fall.

So we went to the long time investigator we had contact with last week, Bruder Goltz, and took a long walk. We talked about baptism, and what is holding him back. He makes his end with work in Oktober, and thinks that it will be easier then to shut out the influences of smoking and drinking. The will is there, one sees that, and he says so himself that he his not that far. But then again he also knows that he could die tomorrow and it isn’t wise to procrastinate the day of repentance. He is so cooooool and so ready!!! He knows and loves the Book of Mormon, and the church. Hopefully now he will have regular contact with the missionaries and members and it will all build him up and keep putting him down this narrow path of righteousness.

This morning we met with Frau MH again in a nutshell, she is really, uh believing? gläubig, but doesn’t really believe in just "one religion." This time we brought Schw Becker, a recent convert from the ward. They talked a lot, and we talked for a bit about religion and faith in God.  Then it got good as we talked about having testimony of the Book of Mormon. We invited her to be baptized, as she knows  and receives a confirmation of everything we talk about. She said yes, but that she will really have to have a desire to do it. Man she is so cool! She really understands the importance of having agency, and having the desire and self motivation to do it. So pretty much, it's all depending on her coming to the knowledge that the Book of Mormon is true. GOOD THING IT IS. Truth is eternal, and truth will never change. God will always, in His own time of course, reveal truth to us.

We also ran into Catherine today! Out on the street. Catherine aka longggg time inv of the sisters. Loves church and the Book of Mormon, but taking the step to be baptized is her problem. She has commitment issues. BUT this morning she told us not to worry, our time with her is not going to waste, she loves and appreciates our kindness and love. She said she sees signs everywhere that God is showing her the right path with this church. SO LOVABLE. She also has this crazy laugh, haha which sounds especially funny on the phone. I love her!

Springtime is approaching and the city is just GORGEOUS.
Little wild flowers are popping up all over the place. I love Germany so much. I love being alive. Sometimes I just have these little moments of realization that the plan of salvation is REAL. WE ARE HERE ON EARTH. What are we even doing with ourselves???  If we ever need a reminder let’s just flip over to Alma 5. I know that there is a specific purpose for my life here. I know that I am preparing to return home to Father in Heaven. It is miraculous how this knowledge and outlook can change everything. Yesterday at our eating appt, the Beckers, recent converts, asked how we stay strong when we face so much rejection. I was like, seriously, after so many rejections, it has led me to think, " This is true, right???" There is no way I could get through any of this, or even the other trials of life that will come, if I did not know that God is real. That Jesus is the Christ, that He came to earth, and that He will come again. That through Him, I can and WILL succeed. How cool is that?! With the Savior, THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN FAIL. Everyday I try to learn and take this to heart a little bit more.
I LOVE YOU!!! Go eat a breakfast burrito for me!!


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