Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sometimes It All Seems So Surreal, Too Good To Be True.

December 29, 2014
Well, well, well. Here we are on the verge of a new year. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Die zeit ist vergangen! Before I know it, it will be my birthday, then ill reach my sixth month mark, and then all of a sudden ill be a third done with my beloved mission! waaahhh! What a life, what a life I tell you! So I just emailed you on Friday, and here we are a few days later. Not too much to report on! Well of course everything is awesome, but, naja! so ist es!

We visited this one lady who we helped pull some really heavy suitcase last week. She made us tea and gave us cookies.  She has this huge German Shep. We talked about the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. She was a little surprised that we were giving it to her, but she was also really grateful and excited. She even smooched it haha. She goes to the Evangelisch and Catholic church. She is also POLISH which means she has this super cool accent in German especially the way her Rs come out. I love her! She said she needs a week or two to do some reading and then can decide if this is something she wants to continue with. GOOD THING THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE, know what I'm sayin? We can rely on the promise in Moroni 10.  If people really want to know, they will get a confirmation. Count on it! How cool is that?!

MANY THANKS for the family history stories and pictures! Perfect, really made me happy to read all the information and to see the pictures you sent!!!!! I love my family!!! Yes dad I still have the little pedigree chart we even laminated one remember??? Still send pictures during this week and maybe ill get them next Monday printed. Haha did you just notice my German sentence structure there with my verb at the end. Hahaha I love it!!! Wow I have changed so much!!!! (Hope you can catch my sarcasm even in email)

I get to see Sister Norton tomorrow,  (mom note- sis Norton was Madison first companion and trainer.  They were together for the first 6 weeks of Madison’s mission.)  She and family are taking us out to lunch, then on Thursday we will see them at a members house for new year's eve. Heyyyy party!!! (President approved no worries) IM STOKED

OH I FORGOT the family we were with on HeiligAbend aka Christmas Eve had LIT candles on their tree LIT DO YOU READ THIS CLEARLY LIT LIKE FIRE. As the member was lighting them all, haha and he looks like der Weihnachtsmann anyway, all I could think of was those you-tube safety videos of how quickly a tree and room can go up into flames. HAHA it was all good though. Germans are just cool like that. That's what's up!

I can't remember if I told you or not that the First presidency andacht  (First Presidency Christmas Message) was the thing that really pounded the meaning of Christmas into me. Luke 2 and the music just made it all so real for me. Christ really was born in humble circumstances, and He continued to live a life of humility. He was and is the perfect example, the perfect leader. He has given us the chance to exercise agency, and has shown us how we can be truly happy. I know that He came, and I know that He will come again. I look forward to that day. I love my Savior, and I feel His presence very close to me. The third verse of Im Stroh in der Krippe, Away in A Manger has been flowing through my mind these past few weeks. We can all feel the love and help of Jesus Christ if we seek Him out. I know it. Oh how I love my Redeemer!

Throughout the past few weeks I have had a few of those, "I'm a missionary in Germany" moments. Sometimes it all seems so surreal, too good to be true. But this is the work of the Lord, need I say more!? I love where I am, and I love what I do. Thank you for all the support and lovin'!!! LOOOOVE YOU!
3 Nephi 1:8

Madison skyping with us on Christmas Day!

My Testimony Keeps Me Warm and Excited. Straight Up!

December 26th, 2014
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! It was sooo gooood and weird seeing you yesterday!!!! Sorry I was a little all over the place and kept looking at my watch! But it really was the best thing ever to see all of your faces!!! And hear your voices!!! I will write again on Monday, so I'll try to give some highlights of the past 10 days that I have not reported on.
-Baptism of the elders investigator, I was chorister. It was all in englisch, but the german members that came sang in deutsch and this one old dude was singing in german LOUDER than everyone else singing in english and I just tried very unsuccessfully not to laugh. oh man it was embarrassing! haha but everyone else was laughing too I promise!! jaja. The baptism was awesome! So grateful to see the faith and change that happens to people when they live the Gospel. THAT'S WHAT'S UP!!
-Went door to door A LOT.
-This one dude opened, I said we were the missionaries with a special message about Jesus Christ, he said to come back in 30 minutes because his son was sleeping. We came back and taught him the restoration on his porch, gave him a BOM, and are going back in the new year. I am stoked!!!!! He is interested, not just like some people say, but actually sincere. mal sehen!!
-SO MUCH RAIN. Going door to door is hard sometimes when you just get wet and are the only ones on the street. BUT I had fun this week being outside, wanna know why? I'll tell ya. Because I am a missionary. My testimony keeps me warm and excited. Straight up. Attitude is everything.
-I love German people!! They make such good foood. My favorite meal was yesterday, fleisch, rotkohl, and knödel. with this lebkuchen chocolate mousse nachtisch. SOOO GOOOD.
-The members are so sweet, the active members in germany are solid, let me tell you. SOLID. I love serving here!!!
-Watched the First Presidency uh andacht whatever that is auf englisch i forgot! At the church in german  on the 24th. THE MUSIC. Need I say more. What an uplifting message-the whole thing was toll!!!
Man I have really loved this Christmas season, thinking about the birth of Jesus, and trying to spread it's wonderful message with others. I love my Savior so much. I know that He lives. He wants us all to come closer to Him. And we can! Everyday. I invite you to read 3 Nephi 1. Do we watch steadfastly for when He will come? Are we prepared? Are we excited? Are we even watching? Good things to think about and ponder, yo.  I loooove you all a ton. haha until monday! MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Have a warm weekend!!
Oh ya we had a little bit of a white Christmas!! How lovely!
Hab euch lieb!!
Sister Madison Mittleman
Hopefully pics on monday! This internet laden is a little shady ;)

Monday, December 15, 2014

How Blessed I Am To Be Here As A Representative Of Our Savior!

December 15th, 2014
WOW HERE WE ARE. Just a week and a little bit before Christmas!! Here in Germany everybody's main celebratory day is Christmas Eve, then the two days after are also first and second Christmas. haha lots of partying!
Sooo this week was hard. For some reason, ever since I have been here, no one, let me say that again NO ONE, NO ONE I TELL YOU has been answering their phones or been home when we have gone by, so our teaching pool has taken a dramatic decline. What does that mean? Lots o' finding. Of course we are always looking for the prepared, but straight up door to door, hitting people up in the street finding. Sister Murdock said that one of her MTC teachers said that every time you klingel a door in Europe there is a baptism in South America. NA KLAR. Oh man it feels like that! Sooo many people here are just set in their own faith or church. It’s harrrrrd. Some people are nice, others blunt, and others just mean. But you know what? Our purpose as missionaries is to INVITE. We simply invite other people to come closer to Christ by learning about His restored Gospel. Whether they accept it is clearly their own decision.
Something I'm grateful for is being able to brush off rejection as soon as the door closes. It doesn’t bother me. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER. I have my testimony, and I feel the precious confirmations of the Holy Ghost telling me of the truthfulness of the Gospel. It's all good. The message I carry keeps me happy!
I love German so much! I love understanding people, I love talking to people, I love everything about this place! How blessed I am to be here as a representative of our Savior! wahhhhh!! Life is good, lemme tell ya.
We had hoho ZOKO on wednesday! Zone Conference! I got to see sister Kronwitter!!!!!! That was sooo funnnn. It was as if no time had passed. I love her so much! President and Sister Kosak are THE BEST. They are so solid in the Gospel, and they just radiate with the desire to share it. Sister Kosak talked about how giving is better than receiving, and challenged us to think about what we will give Christ this Christmas. SO GOOD. President just talked about sooo many good things. We need to prepare in a higher, way, we are never really done with preparing. It’s an eternal round of a process. He is also so certain of the Lord guiding us in our work. I love it! He said, "the Lord will be with you, because He called you here" WHAT NOW OH MAN GAME OVER.  They also gave us all a little temple recommend card! I’ll show you when we skype.
Speaking of skyping. Wait, I got my package!! sooo many presents I can hardly wait. THANK YOU. So much, mommma and poppa. Sister Murdock opened one of hers from you, the cute stocking and socks, she loves them and says thank you! I’ll probs open presents on the 24th like a true German, then some the next day.
Ok, so I still don’t know with whom we are eating and then skyping from, so I’ll tell you next week for suuuure.
This week as we have talked with so many people, I have really been reflecting on the Savior and His life as a gift for us all. He has done so much for us. His Atonement is there. It's waiting to be used! We should used it every day! If we take time to ponder about our Savior, I am certain we can all feel the overwhelming love that he has for us as individuals. What a wonderful time of year Christmas is!!
Life as a missionary is the best. I am so happy all the time! I really know why I am here, not only on a mission, but here on earth in general. Perspective changes everything. Aint that the truth.
I love you all so much! I think about you tons. Stay true.


December 8th, 2014
I saw hermana mittleman's email title from last week and I wanted to have one too. Thats so Megan to do that.
Soooooo IM IN LÜBECK. it is sooo pretttty!!!!! Very beachy and coastal feel up here. I like it except it makes my hair a little lame. But that’s all good. What is hair to a missionary??
Saying goodbye to Baunschweig was SO HARD. We met with r Monday night, and she was so sad as was I of course that I would be leaving . At the end of our little meeting we got up to leave and she said "no, sit a little longer. Don’t go!" oh man it was so sweet  and precious!! But alas, I am needed in another place at this time.
We went as a district to the weinachtsmarkt there in Braunschweig and we all got half meter bratwursts. SO GOOOD. I’ll send a pic.
Here in Lübeck we have walked up and down through part of the market trying to talk to people. It’s really easy to understand people here, thank goodness.
Speaking of understanding German, I am now the companion that has better German due to experience. WHAT IS GOING ON. Uh it's so weird having a companion who has been here a transfer less than me!! But we are "learning together". That’s our motto. And we are doing just fine. Speaking of my companion! SISTER MURDOCK IS SO COOOL. She is so chill. She is 19, from bountiful Utah. Parents are Mission Presidents in Colorado. 10th of 10 kids. Thats right! She is chatty and fun. I love her. We have taught in englisch and auf deutsch. In englisch we both have a steady flow going together. The spirit is there. We both are so excited to serve together. I can’t even tell you how stoked and pumped we are. THE FIELD IS WHITE ALREADY TO HARVEST LET ME TELL YA LÜBECK DOESNT EVEN KNOW WHATS COMING.
On a more humble note, alma 37 6 and 7 is pretty much the scripture that defines our missionary work!!
Wednesday we go to Hamburg for zonekonferenz which means ILL GET MY PACKAGE. Finally. And some letters I’m expecting. I’m excited!!
Still waiting to hear about talking at Christmas.
Training is humbling and requires patience.
Best thing this week was probably getting mutzen at the weinachtsmarkt. thats something that is at every one. Sooo yummmy!! The whole Christmas spirit of Germany displayed everywhere is quite lovely. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
Most challenging thing is just being somewhere new! I don’t know anybody or where anything is, but naja it's all gooood!!  In the service of the Lord we just follow the spirit and do our best!
Glad everything is goood at home. Thanks for the updates. Mommma send me some pics of you and what you do!! Especially now at Christmas time I’m not getting homesick, but I am getting a little nostalgic for Christmas back home! haha and not just for the weather :)
Wellll time to sign out. I love you all sooo much and think about you tons!
A mission is hard. Straight up. But it’s all worth it. God is real. Our Savior lives. That's all we need to know!
Liebe Grüße
Sister Mittleman


December 1st, 2014
AT LASSSSST CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE. Today we are going to go check out the scene at the weinachtsmarkt down the block and I AM SO EXCITED.
The sister, Sister Murdock to be exact, is only one transfer younger than I just finished my last 5 weeks of training, and now I get to go oversee that same last part for trainer.... haha just goes to show that He qualifies those He calls...
Where am I going you are probably thinking??? LÜBECK. waaaay up north to the coast!! So Trainer Norton was in Lübeck, then she came to Braunschweig. And I came to Braunschweig, now to follow her backwards to Lübeck. Wow, what a tangled web of missionary fate and bonds between trainer and trainee...paths overlapping...never to be distanced in a very real way. haha not sure if that makes sense but I am just trying to be dramatic. Also trying to stall and ponder.....because...because..because..
I was sick this week.
Ok let's get to everything else I have to say and answer some of your questions!
We had our tausch this week with the sister training leaders in Hannover. I stayed in bs, and sister Wiborny came with me. She is from  Fankfurt and is AWESOME. So direct, so proactive, so solid. We had an appointment that night with S, and it was actually a tender mercy that we had a native missionary there, because she and S really cleared up some confusions. In short, we will all be going separate ways. I think I saw it coming (hindsight bias???) but I think only someone with the personality and German of Sis W could have cleared it all up. We had gemiko after that, and I was feeling sick, and so it all got a little too overwhelming and I cried in front of the elders and our two gmls!!  naja, that's life. The next day, Thanksgiving, I was just sick. Sore throat and achy. We retaushed, and I slept for a bit back home. That night we went to the relief society activity. We painted angels and this cute lady read some Christmas legends out loud. That part was cooool. probably the lamest thanksgiving ever, as I was sick. It’s all good though!
Glad you’re Thanksgiving was solid. A nice walk and pizza!! niiice.  Have fun at the Relief Society Dinner!! How nice!!! Wish I was there.
Uhh no almost getting hit by a car was random, quite the miracle actually #jesussaves. I really know that the Lord watches over every single one of His missionaries!!
Not sure what the skyping will be like, I’ll tell you next week after I’ve grilled my fellow missionaries in Lübeck for details
Dad the beard looks LEGIT. So cool. der weinachtsmann kommt bald!!!
So I think being a lil sick was hard.
But I do have lots of good things to say anyway
Our ward missionary took us to her house after a joint teach, made us noodles, and then the elders came over as she wanted a blessing before a doctor appt. It was awesome! She was so grateful for all of us, and it really strengthened my testimony of the priesthood.
One morning this week I wasn’t feeling too happy, so while my comp was in the shower I washed the dishes and listened to the motab arr of I Mm a Child of God on replay. I love the primary songs so much more now than ever before! That really cheered me up!
Had a conference call Friday night with all the missionaries and president that would be training. I looove president Kosak! He said so many simple, but inspiring things that I really needed to hear.
So three of us are getting transferred, so at church they had us share a brief testimony. It was sooo sad! It’s sad I think because its my first area, and I don’t know anything else, ya know? So many beloved ward members and investigators to leave!  haha this one lady asked me if I was going home now!! hahah i was like uhhh nein ich habe noch 15 monaten!! haha still 15 months to go actually!! I had so many sweet goodbyes and good wishes! It's nice to know that SOME DAY I'll see them all again, even if it isn’t in Germany.
I sort of knew this was coming.... missionary life is awesome!! It’s a little hard with Christmas time and all of the cool Germany Christmas things going on, I mean of course I want to go window shopping and take pictures and visit the weinachtsmarkt every day,  but I'm  a missionary right now. And that has really helped me to see what is important. No I’m not eating gingerbread in pants, but I'm spreading the news of the true restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The reason we have for celebrating!  Being on a mission has helped me really put things into perspective. I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for all the support and prayers, and examples you all are. My family means so much to me! I love you all so much! Stay gold my friends. Keep pressing forward!! Your next email from me will be full of new stuff awwww yeahhhh!!!
Sister Mittleman