Monday, December 15, 2014

How Blessed I Am To Be Here As A Representative Of Our Savior!

December 15th, 2014
WOW HERE WE ARE. Just a week and a little bit before Christmas!! Here in Germany everybody's main celebratory day is Christmas Eve, then the two days after are also first and second Christmas. haha lots of partying!
Sooo this week was hard. For some reason, ever since I have been here, no one, let me say that again NO ONE, NO ONE I TELL YOU has been answering their phones or been home when we have gone by, so our teaching pool has taken a dramatic decline. What does that mean? Lots o' finding. Of course we are always looking for the prepared, but straight up door to door, hitting people up in the street finding. Sister Murdock said that one of her MTC teachers said that every time you klingel a door in Europe there is a baptism in South America. NA KLAR. Oh man it feels like that! Sooo many people here are just set in their own faith or church. It’s harrrrrd. Some people are nice, others blunt, and others just mean. But you know what? Our purpose as missionaries is to INVITE. We simply invite other people to come closer to Christ by learning about His restored Gospel. Whether they accept it is clearly their own decision.
Something I'm grateful for is being able to brush off rejection as soon as the door closes. It doesn’t bother me. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER. I have my testimony, and I feel the precious confirmations of the Holy Ghost telling me of the truthfulness of the Gospel. It's all good. The message I carry keeps me happy!
I love German so much! I love understanding people, I love talking to people, I love everything about this place! How blessed I am to be here as a representative of our Savior! wahhhhh!! Life is good, lemme tell ya.
We had hoho ZOKO on wednesday! Zone Conference! I got to see sister Kronwitter!!!!!! That was sooo funnnn. It was as if no time had passed. I love her so much! President and Sister Kosak are THE BEST. They are so solid in the Gospel, and they just radiate with the desire to share it. Sister Kosak talked about how giving is better than receiving, and challenged us to think about what we will give Christ this Christmas. SO GOOD. President just talked about sooo many good things. We need to prepare in a higher, way, we are never really done with preparing. It’s an eternal round of a process. He is also so certain of the Lord guiding us in our work. I love it! He said, "the Lord will be with you, because He called you here" WHAT NOW OH MAN GAME OVER.  They also gave us all a little temple recommend card! I’ll show you when we skype.
Speaking of skyping. Wait, I got my package!! sooo many presents I can hardly wait. THANK YOU. So much, mommma and poppa. Sister Murdock opened one of hers from you, the cute stocking and socks, she loves them and says thank you! I’ll probs open presents on the 24th like a true German, then some the next day.
Ok, so I still don’t know with whom we are eating and then skyping from, so I’ll tell you next week for suuuure.
This week as we have talked with so many people, I have really been reflecting on the Savior and His life as a gift for us all. He has done so much for us. His Atonement is there. It's waiting to be used! We should used it every day! If we take time to ponder about our Savior, I am certain we can all feel the overwhelming love that he has for us as individuals. What a wonderful time of year Christmas is!!
Life as a missionary is the best. I am so happy all the time! I really know why I am here, not only on a mission, but here on earth in general. Perspective changes everything. Aint that the truth.
I love you all so much! I think about you tons. Stay true.

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