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December 8th, 2014
I saw hermana mittleman's email title from last week and I wanted to have one too. Thats so Megan to do that.
Soooooo IM IN LÜBECK. it is sooo pretttty!!!!! Very beachy and coastal feel up here. I like it except it makes my hair a little lame. But that’s all good. What is hair to a missionary??
Saying goodbye to Baunschweig was SO HARD. We met with r Monday night, and she was so sad as was I of course that I would be leaving . At the end of our little meeting we got up to leave and she said "no, sit a little longer. Don’t go!" oh man it was so sweet  and precious!! But alas, I am needed in another place at this time.
We went as a district to the weinachtsmarkt there in Braunschweig and we all got half meter bratwursts. SO GOOOD. I’ll send a pic.
Here in Lübeck we have walked up and down through part of the market trying to talk to people. It’s really easy to understand people here, thank goodness.
Speaking of understanding German, I am now the companion that has better German due to experience. WHAT IS GOING ON. Uh it's so weird having a companion who has been here a transfer less than me!! But we are "learning together". That’s our motto. And we are doing just fine. Speaking of my companion! SISTER MURDOCK IS SO COOOL. She is so chill. She is 19, from bountiful Utah. Parents are Mission Presidents in Colorado. 10th of 10 kids. Thats right! She is chatty and fun. I love her. We have taught in englisch and auf deutsch. In englisch we both have a steady flow going together. The spirit is there. We both are so excited to serve together. I can’t even tell you how stoked and pumped we are. THE FIELD IS WHITE ALREADY TO HARVEST LET ME TELL YA LÜBECK DOESNT EVEN KNOW WHATS COMING.
On a more humble note, alma 37 6 and 7 is pretty much the scripture that defines our missionary work!!
Wednesday we go to Hamburg for zonekonferenz which means ILL GET MY PACKAGE. Finally. And some letters I’m expecting. I’m excited!!
Still waiting to hear about talking at Christmas.
Training is humbling and requires patience.
Best thing this week was probably getting mutzen at the weinachtsmarkt. thats something that is at every one. Sooo yummmy!! The whole Christmas spirit of Germany displayed everywhere is quite lovely. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
Most challenging thing is just being somewhere new! I don’t know anybody or where anything is, but naja it's all gooood!!  In the service of the Lord we just follow the spirit and do our best!
Glad everything is goood at home. Thanks for the updates. Mommma send me some pics of you and what you do!! Especially now at Christmas time I’m not getting homesick, but I am getting a little nostalgic for Christmas back home! haha and not just for the weather :)
Wellll time to sign out. I love you all sooo much and think about you tons!
A mission is hard. Straight up. But it’s all worth it. God is real. Our Savior lives. That's all we need to know!
Liebe Grüße
Sister Mittleman

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