Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Testimony Keeps Me Warm and Excited. Straight Up!

December 26th, 2014
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! It was sooo gooood and weird seeing you yesterday!!!! Sorry I was a little all over the place and kept looking at my watch! But it really was the best thing ever to see all of your faces!!! And hear your voices!!! I will write again on Monday, so I'll try to give some highlights of the past 10 days that I have not reported on.
-Baptism of the elders investigator, I was chorister. It was all in englisch, but the german members that came sang in deutsch and this one old dude was singing in german LOUDER than everyone else singing in english and I just tried very unsuccessfully not to laugh. oh man it was embarrassing! haha but everyone else was laughing too I promise!! jaja. The baptism was awesome! So grateful to see the faith and change that happens to people when they live the Gospel. THAT'S WHAT'S UP!!
-Went door to door A LOT.
-This one dude opened, I said we were the missionaries with a special message about Jesus Christ, he said to come back in 30 minutes because his son was sleeping. We came back and taught him the restoration on his porch, gave him a BOM, and are going back in the new year. I am stoked!!!!! He is interested, not just like some people say, but actually sincere. mal sehen!!
-SO MUCH RAIN. Going door to door is hard sometimes when you just get wet and are the only ones on the street. BUT I had fun this week being outside, wanna know why? I'll tell ya. Because I am a missionary. My testimony keeps me warm and excited. Straight up. Attitude is everything.
-I love German people!! They make such good foood. My favorite meal was yesterday, fleisch, rotkohl, and knödel. with this lebkuchen chocolate mousse nachtisch. SOOO GOOOD.
-The members are so sweet, the active members in germany are solid, let me tell you. SOLID. I love serving here!!!
-Watched the First Presidency uh andacht whatever that is auf englisch i forgot! At the church in german  on the 24th. THE MUSIC. Need I say more. What an uplifting message-the whole thing was toll!!!
Man I have really loved this Christmas season, thinking about the birth of Jesus, and trying to spread it's wonderful message with others. I love my Savior so much. I know that He lives. He wants us all to come closer to Him. And we can! Everyday. I invite you to read 3 Nephi 1. Do we watch steadfastly for when He will come? Are we prepared? Are we excited? Are we even watching? Good things to think about and ponder, yo.  I loooove you all a ton. haha until monday! MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Have a warm weekend!!
Oh ya we had a little bit of a white Christmas!! How lovely!
Hab euch lieb!!
Sister Madison Mittleman
Hopefully pics on monday! This internet laden is a little shady ;)

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