Monday, May 18, 2015

I WILL BE BACK When She And Her Husband Are Sealed In The Temple....Mark My Words.

May 18, 2015
Ja, das habt ihr richtig verstanden. ICH WERDE VERSETZT!!!
German sounds so much more dramatic. I love it. But....
First dramatic reveal..... LEIPZIG
Second dramatic reveal.... Elder Clarke as my district leader!!!!!
Third and most dramatic reveal.... MY COMP IS SISTER MURDOCK WAHHHHHHHH

Haha when Elder Schaal said that when he called, I was CONVINCED it was a joke.  Only the fact that he is German and pretty straight forward helped me take it easy and accept it.  BUT I AM SO STOKED. We were together before Sister Brim came, and it feels like just yesterday I said goodbye to her. Haha, it is about to get CRAZY in Leipzig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, let's keep it real. I leave tomorrow morning at 9 43, to Hamburg, then I take a fancy ICE to Leipzig. woohoo!!!!!!

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACHYYYYYYY LOOOOVE YOU PRECIOUS BROTHER. I bet you are on day..hmmmm 4 of partying??? ;))) Miss you and wish you alles gute mein bruder!!!!

Ok question time:
Germany.... The weather here is very sunny one day, then cloudy the next. Not too cold, I go ohne jacke now. German food is probably the best thing I have ever had. The bread, pudding, and joghurt are best, to give you a few examples. I think I will have to start a food diary or something!! MY HEART BELONGS TO ROTKOHL.
Yes, as you read above, I am getting transferred to Leipzig. mal schauen.
The church is still waiting for apple to deliver the ipads!! The church will own the ones we'll be using, so they won’t be officially ours, thus we don't have to pay.
Best thing? How much time do you have  (indirect reference to sleepless in Seattle anybody???) Every day this week was pretty solid!
Monday, took a schläfchen ;) Haha, one of the AP’s calling woke me up, that was really funny. (No of course it was not revealed that I was sleeping)
 Monday night to Tuesday we were on tausch, so I got to lead Sister Means around Lübeck. That was really fun, she's a solid sister and we had a good time. I love her :)
 Wednesday we went to Kiel for our ztm!! SISTER HARRIS FOR THE LAST TIME.  That was bittersweet, but she will go home and DO WORK. I love her :) She and Elder Peterson, one of the elders serving here in Lübeck, both gave their "finisher" testimonies. I cried. They are both solid missionaries!! They will be missed. Wednesday night we ate this bremen specialty food at the Devers. DELISH. haha some mixture of meat and potatoes, with pickles, red beets, and fried eggs on the side. waaaay bremen  and waaay goood.
Thurs we went with the elders to a family in the ward to help them take wallpaper off their walls, and then THEY GAVE US THE BEST MEAL I MAY HAVE EVER HAD. Let me tell you. Steak (its been toooo long) wurst, weißkraut, kartoffensalat, bread, nudelsalat, and this mousse thing for dessert. SO GERMAN AND SO GOOOD.
Freitag we went to a lady in our ward, who took us to her somewhat interested in the church friend, who has this cooool garden. Then she made us dinner back at her place and told us cool things about her conversion, and staying strong in the church. Solid.
Saturday we visited Schwester Devers. Words cannot explain how much I love her :)

Madison & Schwester Devers, new convert
Yesterday was my last Sunday here in Lübeck!!  This was also the hardest part I think, saying goodbye!!!! I love this ward and area so much!! I am sad to leave. Mensch the people are just too cool!!!! Right before this, we were at Schwester Devers. I shared D&C 127:2 with her, and 2 Corinthians 12:10. it is and will be hard, but she is doing it!!! I shed a few tears. But I WILL BE BACK when she and her husband are sealed in the Temple....Mark my words. It is only goodbye for now. LOVE HER.

Tonight we have fhe with the Becker family, a perfect way to end my transfer here. Hopefully I can squeeze a bit of time in right now to go visit city döner aka our go to dönerladen for the last time. Tis a sad day indeed....:)

With new beginnings approaching, I would like to share the scripture in 3 Nephi 13:34. (Please take a moment to find and read) As humans we naturally have MANY things about which we can worry. But I don’t want to spend too much time worrying about tomorrow, so that I cant even focus or enjoy today. I want to look forward to the future!! For me, my "worry" is this next transfer in a new city. But I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me! Er sorgt sich um mich!! (I think it sounds better in German) I know that as long as I do my part and try my best and TRUST HIM, He will make everything ok. He will fill my heart with peace, and joy to love every moment that life brings :) Whenever you think of your next "worry" think of this scripture. He is mindful of us, He is always there. He will guide us.  I know it.
alles liebe
Sister Madison Mittleman
RS President & Madison in Lubeck

I Could Have Died Of Happiness :)))

May 11, 2015

First of all, seeing you all was SO COOL. Ok I was TOTALLY going to sing to you too mom, but as you saw I was all flushed and nervous so it didn't happen. naja. NEXT TIME.  I promise I'll have it a little more together :))))
Mother's Day Skype call with Schwester Mittleman 

Of course as I told you FRAU DEVERS NOW SCHWESTER DEVERS WAS BAPTIZED AND RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST. What a weekend!!!! Let me tell the details about the baptism. So last Monday our GML and his wife came with us to teach her, and he gave her a blessing against smoking. The whole week she has been smoke free. The last time she smoked was last Sunday night at 10pm. MENSCH. Knowing her and her habits, it really is a miracle. She had her baptism interview with Elder Benfell on Thursday, and everything went well with that. Friday we went over and just talked about a few final things, and then we gave her a present. It was a picture of Christ with the little girl, the one where they are looking at the blue butterfly. it was actually from that missionary calendar you gave me, we just put it in a frame. We wrote a long note with it. SHE LOVED IT. Man, that was a good moment. There we were, sitting at her kitchen table, birds chirping outside, she was reading our note, and it was the eve before her baptism. I could have died of happiness :)))
Saturday morning and afternoon we were going crazy with excitement!!!! The evening finally came. Frau D showed up early with us to get ready. Turns out  the font had stopped, and there was just a bit of hot water in there, so one member was coming back and forth from the kitchen with buckets of cold water to fill it all the way. Her whole family came, which was AWESOME. and one of her friends!!! She was really excited, it was funny. We took some pictures and then it started. Ran smoothly. Sister Brim and I did a little musical entertainment. Sister brim played, and I sang näher mein Gott zu dir, or nearer, my God to thee. And as you know I HATE SINGING SOLOS. Flashbacks to that one baptism in Braunschweig where Elder Carpenter tricked me into singing (cough, cough and my comp abandoned me too for the piano ;) ya I mean you STACIE ) naja nur spaß....So I was thinking of that, but then I would just think of Frau Devers, and it is her favorite song so of course I wanted it to be all right. AND IT WAS. Well I was totally flushed the whole time, and baby devers and a kid of a member were running around, but it was totally fine!!! I mean I was nervous, but I was at peace :) MIRACLE WITHIN A MIRACLE. There were solid talks. And then the baptism!! So powerful! So wonderful!!! She went down and came up with no problems at all. It was a heavenly moment :)))

HERRLICH. I can't even say more to it. She and her husband were just beaming the whole time. It was awesome :)) and then yesterday they came to church all early, and one of their sons came this time and asked for a Book of Mormon!!! Her confirmation was wonderful, the Bruder giving the blessing talked about her being an example to her family and I was like YES ALL THE WAY. She has started it, geht's los!!! She is going to be solid, and her husband will come around, one can just see that. And then the children are thoughtful and can find the truth too. I am calling it right now, in ten years THEY WILL BE SOLID. How many lives can be blessed because of this woman, and her family??? The key to this coming true is all within maintaining daily conversion.

As it is with all of us. I look at myself, at my family, friends, other missionaries, other ward members, you get the point, and I see SO MUCH potential. Do we even know what we are capable of doing? The kind of influences we are capable of being? I think I really have learned to be more patient with myself, but I have also realized how easily discouraged I can get. Sometimes, LETS BE REAL, we just think, I could never do something like that, or, so and so is much better at that than me, why do I even try? The examples are endless!!! But they don't matter!  I am a daughter of God. I am capable of one day becoming just like Him, and that process begins here on Earth. He would not have sent me here if He didn't believe in me. We are worth every effort!! We are not defined by how many times we fall down, but by how many times we stand up. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know that we are weak. We shouldn't try to hide that from them!  We just have to take it and do our best!! We will fail, but it doesn't end there. The Atonement enables us to rise, and to leave yesterday behind. Like president Monson said one time, courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, I will try again tomorrow.  Maybe today was horrible. So what! Tomorrow I can make it better!!! I CAN. I have had to tell myself that many times. Immernoch muss ich das sagen. But hey, that's why life is here. We can't become perfect in a few months.  BUT SOMEDAY, it will come. I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I AM CHOOSING TO BE HAPPY.

Ok, time to wrap it up meine liebe familie!! It was so lovely to see you yesterday and hear your voices!!! even the tears :))) I love you, and I miss you. But hey, it's all worth it. Life goes on.

Last week of the transfer, mal sehen if I tell you next week that I am leaving this gorgeous place. SCHÖNE WOCHE.
liebe grüße
Sister Mittleman

Monday, May 4, 2015

Save The Date

May 4, 2015

Here we are!!!! May is here. Honestly time here goes by like a second it is ridiculous. BUT I am having the time of my life. So it's all goood.

Sooooo we were talking with Frau Devers late last week, and she said that she really wanted to keep the goal of getting baptized on the 9th of May!!!! We said that we would have to meet almost every day and she was down. HENCE I tell you to save the date. May 9th, 16 30 Germany time. She has changed soooo much in the past week, and she is just glowing!!!! She reads in the scriptures every day, often with her husband, and she prays. She came to church on Sunday and just loved it. She is so ready. In the past weeks she had been expressing concerns that she didn't know enough, that she wanted to wait and learn more and feel more sure of everything, but in the last week alone she has come so far. We taught her about baptism, and about the Holy Ghost. When we talked about the things we promise Heavenly Father at baptism, she just kept saying, ya, I do that already! And we were like HELLO YES THAT'S WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU. maaannnnnnoooooo so it's happening! It's a miracle. She knows that baptism is just the beginning of this journey, her feelings are telling her it's right, and she is going for it. Her growth in faith is just solid. I love her so much!!! Yesterday at church she tried on her white dress, and she came out and said, it's so white! haha that was such a sweet moment. I am in heaven, really I am.
That means Sunday she will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! What a perfect mother's day present. Her face was just glowing when we said that :)
Speaking of mother's day, we will be skyping from a family who has a daughter serving in Australia. They live out in a little dorf and kindly offered to house us. So we will skype between 6 or 7 my time!!  Yes mom, I looked at the questions and will be ready to answer. WAH SO STOKED. I am so excited to see your faces!!! I miss you!!

We have transfer calls in two weeks, and I am finding myself wanting to stay. I have had some tough times here in this city, pretty though it may be. But at church I was just in heaven. There are so many great people here in this ward, and I love them all so much! I am so grateful to be here. I am grateful to talk with people everyday, I love this country. I love being a missionary. Like Hermanita Mittleman said, I could stay here forever. hab euch lieb!!
Holstentor Museum

Braunschweig Reunion

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Guess Who Translated Sacrament Meeting???!!!

April 27, 2015
Grüß aus Lübeck!!!

WHAT A WEEK. Here we are, on the eve of my 8 month mark!! Wahhh! Can't even believe it! But alas I say that every week, haha. Let's move on to the new stuff.

BERLIN. (highlight of the week) Friday. YES MOM Jacob and I did plan on standing next to each other in the picture.
Germany Berlin Mission Conference with Pres. & Sis Kosak

So it all started out on Thursday. The office sent a text out telling us to  go check our train times as the Deutsche Bahn (German Train) was striking Wed and Thurs. sure enough our planned train fell out so for like two days we kept going back to check other options to get to Tiergarten. We made it there just fine and stayed in an apartment with 8 sisters in total. Good stuff. Friday we walked to the chapel. Lots of missionaries were already there. It was SO FUN to walk in and see tons of missionaries, including people I had not seen for moooonths!! So we actually sat in the row behind Jacob (Elder Clarke), so we caught up some, he's funny. It is just so weird to think that we are on the other side of the world from California, and yet there we were! Good times. I saw all of my old comps too (outside of Trainer Norton) (implied) (hey Trainer Stacie when you see this online) WHICH IS ALWAYS WONDERFUL. Sister Harris and Murdock were just Heaven to greeeet!!!!

So the mission conference was about IPADS. We will be the first mission in Europe to get Ipads!!! Two general authorities were there, Elders Kearon and Nielson (think he just spoke in conference) THEY WERE HILARIOUS. Tell the Rich family that they chose the perfect namesake for their baby!!! They were so fun, and yet at the same time so full of the spirit. Something that they said, and is probably the most important thing that I took away from the meeting, is that the first Presidency trusts us. They said that many parents and members would have concerns about giving such young kids technology on a mission, but the First Presidency responded that they trust us, so they will do that. Sinks deep doesn't it!? It did for me. And I know that they represent Heavenly Father. I know that Heavenly Father trusts me. He knows that I can be effective in this work. What a blessing to know and feel the truthfulness of that.  After the General Authorities left, President and Sister Kosak spoke to us, and we sang a lot together. I love singing as a mission! It's probably one of my most favorite things. President and Sister Kosak sang this Russian song for us and it was just so coooool. I was dying. After it was all over, we chatted and took pics. Then back to Bahnhof! SIster Brim  and I DID get a Berlin Döner. DREAMS CAME TRUE. Although we walked like a mile to find a döner laden, it was totallllly worth it. We were sooo tired when we got home, but so spiritually filled. THanks for the good times Berlin.

Besides Berlin being awesome, we were able to watch the Restoration film again with Frau Devers and her husband and two of her kids, a 13 yr old and an 8 yr old. The 13 yr old didn’t say much, but the 8 yr old told us after how "still" she was after it was done, as she normally asks tons of questions and talks a lot (her words not mine) but she was totally touched by the spirit, that was way cool. Her husband said he really looks forward to coming to church, and he can see by the way the members are that there is something different about this church. Frau Devers told us that watching the movie a second time really strengthened her testimony of Joseph Smith, one of her concerns she'd had. So Frau and Herr Devers came to church, along with the 8 yr old daughter. It was awesome!! We met with Frau D this morning, and she told us that she is just DONE with smoking! She said she cleared all her stuff out. Man I could totally feel and just see the growth of her faith! She said so herself she knows it is growing. IT IS SO COOL TO EXPERIENCE THIS WITH HER. Sister Brim and I were saying how we really do nothing, it is all the spirit that is working on her. Man kann es einfach merken!

SPEAKING OF CHURCH. Guess who translated sacrament meeting???!!! THIS GIRL. OH man it was my first time translating EVERRRR. So the only people who need the Enlish translation are Mehrdad, an Iranian convert, and then.....uh the Bishop!!! haha no pressure there, right? So I sat outside in the hall with the little microphone and just blabbered away the whole time. Luckily the Deacon sitting out there with me probably doesn’t know English so he couldn’t tell if I was doing a good job or not, haha. Overall it was fiiiiiiiine. It was a solid first experience. I was getting really nervous right before the talks were coming, and I offered up a humble plea to Heavenly Father to help me. I felt just fine after that. Nothing too dramatic or anything, but all I needed was calm nerves. I asked, and I received. Big or little, I know that Heavenly Father is there for us. haha at one point I said "Uh, I think he's talking about an earthquake or something, but I'm not really sure, sorry!" haha that was my funny experience for the week.

Last week was a bit hard for me, but this week was much better. It is so interesting how quick and easy we can change our attitudes. I know that we ALWAYS have something to be happy about. For example, God is real, and Jesus is our Savior. Need we more? DIDN’T THINK SO. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and I know that the Book of Mormon is true. Read it!! Reading and living the principles will make us happy, and will bring us peace.
Liebe Grüße
Sister Madison Mittleman

Just Meeting With An Investigator, That's Normal, (Right) oder?? NOT IN MY PAST 4 TRANSFERS OR SO.

April 20, 2015
Moin moin!

lololol Hermana  (Megan) Mittleman just throwin' out that they had a baptism like she's talking about the good book she came across the other day. ALRIGHTY THEN. hahaha nur spaß. THAT’S SO COOL. I was totally stoked when I read that!!! Man, that's really cool.

SOoooo this week was coool.

This guy we found last week met with us again, Edmund, we talked about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, He even came to church last week! That was a cool miracle. He couldn't make it this week, but we meet tomorrow, so hopefully we can ask him more about how he is feeling about it all.

We were able to meet with Frau D A LOT this week, which is reallly a dream come true. Meeting with someone who IS INTERESTED. I know what some of you may be thinking.... Just meeting with an investigator, that's normal, oder?? NOT IN MY PAST 4 TRANSFERS OR SO. Seriously can we all just take a moment to appreciate all the little miracles in our lives that we take for granted. Thank you! Now do it again!! We have been through the basics with her, the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith. We watched the restoration short film with her, and she totally cried!! We were all feeling the spirit there in her little kitchen pretty strongly. She is pretty informed, like I said. So a lot of the time she just asks questions about how things work, or doctrine specific questions. I love her! She came to church with her husband, and her 8 yr old, and their little baby. They looked like a normal cute little family sitting there! So we went and talked with her this morning, we were going to bring a joint teach, but that fell out. Schade! So there are some personal things she wants to take care of that are troubling her, so she is unsure if she will make the 9th of May. BUT she still knows she wants to get baptized SOONer than later. Both Sister Brim and I know she can totally make it. We are hoping that as we continue to meet and as she comes to church, and grows in testimony she too will realize she is ready, and worthy to enter into this covenant. We have still to start 'formally' teaching her husband and other kids, but that's a work in progress! They're such a cool family!!!

One of our less actives came to church yesterday, she actually knows Frau D and helped her in the process of choosing to meet with the missionaries!!! She had come last week, and last week AND this week she stayed allllll three hours!!! And then after the second hour, we were just sitting there waiting for FHV (Relief Society) to start, and all of a sudden she throws out 'I quit smoking!' and we were just speechless almost. MIRACLE. She is such a low key quiet lady, I love her. No quatschin around with her. We meet with her tomorrow so I am excited to talk more!!

So with G7 there were police EVERYWHERE in the middle of the city. They even rerouted all the busses to go around instead of through. That was a teensy bit inconvenient but okay. We came out of a store last Monday, and there in the street there were all of these people with flags and then this truck with music blaring out. Super awesome and had demonstration written all over it. hahahha there were a few moments like that this week, but other than, that, nothing too crazy!

Sister Brim is doin well! (No I am not just saying that because I know her mom reads my blog...shout out to Mamma Brim) I really love her, just the way she says things is hilarious!! And her German is solid. She can speak really fluently, although not always perfectly (lets be real no one can speak perfect German here) I am always impressed at how well she speaks for being almost 8 months out. I am really grateful that she is my companion, she makes me smile :)

Best thing this week was feeling the spirit so strongly with Frau D

Challenging.... agency is hard!!!! (But, alas, nothing we can do for that)

Funny moment- we were klingeling, and I pressed the bell, and then it got stuck!!! I could totally hear it ringing from inside and then this old lady opened the door and I was standing there trying to get the little button unjammed. Haha that was really funny. Wish y'all could have seen that moment.

Everyday, in my own life, and in just observing the lives and conversations of others, I am continually reminded of how hard life is. It's pretty rough sometimes. It's not easy. I have totally had those moments, where I just sit there and think, "why does this have to happen?"  WHY. That is a gooood question. After much thinking and contemplating I have realized the simple answer. LIFE IS JUST THAT WAY. I know that everything serves a purpose in our lives. I know it. I know that Heavenly Father has something in store for each of us. But we have to show our faith in Him and keep pushing forward. No matter how small our progress is. He will help us to understand. We don't understand everything He does. We just don't!!! Something we just have to accept. I know that through the Savior, everything is possible. We can get the comfort and strength we need. I know that God loves us. His plan is perfect. We have so many reasons to rejoice.  I love you.
wünsche euch eine schöne Woche
Sister Mittleman

Sis Brim & Madison getting caught in the rain!

I Have Endured And Yes Enjoyed So Many Long, Hard, Weary Weeks In Lübeck.

April 13, 2015

Just to begin let it be known that I have still not seen the last session of conference, so NO I have not seen President Uchtdorf speak in German.  We watch it in church in two weeks...

BUT ALAS on to the good stuff.

SO. Wednesday we had our district meeting. I gave a theme on making a personal study plan. Then later Sister Brim and I went to Oldenburg up in Holst, to visit a member and to do some dooring there. While there elder Peterson called and asked if we wanted to baptize a family. NA KLAR. Apparently a lady had called the church, and a member there cleaning was able to get her information. He gave it to the Elders as she is a woman, the elders thought it made more sense and would be easier for us to get a hold of her. So I called her up, had a solid conversation, and made an appt for the next day. THURSDAY we go check out the scene. So Frau Devers has been here in Lübeck since August, before she was in Bremen. She had a friend there who told her much about the church, and at one point she even was meeting with missionaries. So she knows a lot. But back then she had many doubts and wasn't totally on board. She said it took three years for her to really develop the desire to move forward. As we were sitting there amongst the chaos of her kids in the background it was just so coooool and aaawweeesome to see how perceptive she is to the spirit. She told us that she was really proud of herself that she had called us, and that we were there sitting across from her. WUNDER WUNDER WUNDER. As we gave simple testimony of the truthfulness of the restored Gospel, it was tender to see her start crying and glow with the spirit. OH MAN IT WAS AWESEOME. So she said she was coming to church and would bring her supportive but not interested husband. Sure enough on Sunday there she was!! She really liked it. In FHV (Relief Society) the lesson was all on gaining a testimony of the book of Mormon, haha THANK YOU lieber Vater im Himmel!
SO we went over this morning, planning to invite her to baptism. Sister Brim and I had prayed about the 9th of May, and we were just stoooked to invite her. We went through the restoration again, and talked about the feelings she is experiencing right now. She feeels the spirit so strongly and is so open. I cannot tell you how much of a miracle it is. Here's where it gets good. We told her how ready we could see she is, and then asked if she would prepare to be baptized on the 9th of May. She had already told us that she was planning on getting baptized right before then, and then we knew it was time to pull out a date. So at first she looked a little shocked and said, next month?! haha we just nodded excitedly. na klar!! Then she just kept going, well...yes. I mean, ok. Yes. haha she then said  that at first she was surprised but the more she thought about it, she can feel that it is right. HERRLICHER TAG. WUNDER.  MIRACLE: ALL OF THE ABOVE. naja. We were all just so stoked. Then she said that her husband actually wanted to talk with us, and asked if we would come over in the evening time so he could be there too. AND SO IT GOES. So we are going over for abendbrot wednesday night. Sister Brim and I walked outta there just overjoyed. We were just so happy and had to stop in the middle of the street to thank Heavenly Father for that miracle. SO MUCH has happened in little Lübeck in the past 4 days! The Lord's ways are totally unpredictable but perfect. He has a plan. How grateful am I to have stayed here in Lübeck another transfer.

Woooooow how to come down from that dream. I honestly don't think I have ever been so happy. Seriously, I have endured and yes enjoyed so many long, hard, weary weeks in Lübeck. But this past week has made it all so worth it. I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel.  Alma 26:16 rings true.

Well.  Sister Brim and I are doing well. She is hilarious and I looove her.

Thanks for all the pics of Utah!!! How funn!!! But where are all the pics of the new house!!! I wannnna seeee!!!! Glad you had fun!! Can’t wait to join you next time yo.

Sister Murdock is in Leipzig...guess who her district leader is..... Elder Clarke!! How fun is that! Next week we have a mission conference in Berlin, so I will get to see all of my missionary friends. Super stoked.

Saturday we went to the beach THATS RIGHT THE BEACH up in Travemünde. We chalked the plan of salvation literally overlooking the shore. I FELT SO AT HOME. It was heavenly!!! Not as pretty as good old California of course :)

So Innenstadt will be all "locked up" for the next few days with this whole G7 thing, there are lots of police people everywhere, we are supposed to be extra cautious. Sister Brim and I are curious and excited to see what all happens. Don’t worry we will be safe and follow the spirit!

Well! Again I wish I could tell you all how heavenly life is! I love being a missionary so much. I love Germany, I love the people here. I love giving this part of my life to the Lord. I love this city. I know this is where I am supposed to be. This past week has really just been a huge tender mercy for me. God is real. Through the Savior everything is possible. His pure Gospel and church have been restored to the earth. I know it! I love you. Have the best week!


It Took Me About 45 Minutes, BUT I SCHAFFED IT.

April 6, 2015

Yes, it's true, I am now entering my fourth transfer here!! This will be twice as long here than in Braunschweig!!  Wild to think of it like that. As you may have noticed in past emails, Lübeck has been a refiners fire for me. And now it just keeps on rolling. SO LET IT ROLL. DEEP WATER IS WHAT I WANT TO SWIM IN.

In fabulous news, Sister Brim is staying toooo!!!! Much love about that!! Elder Whitaker is leaving, so Elder Peterson will get a new comp tomorrow. And my rad DL Elder Mace is leaving too! So his current comp, Elder Benfell will be DL. He'll get a new comp too. Oh and my fearless ZL Elder Carpenter is leaving to go be a ZL in Chemnitz; I'll miss all these toll elders but they will do work in their new areas!!!

So I had my baptism of Eis (ice cream) this week!!! There is a couple in the ward that always has this taufe durch eis (Taffy Ice Cream) for the missionaries. Friday morning there was this rad Easter breakfast at the church, and then we went to their house later in the evening. Basically it is just  A TON OF ICE CREAM that you have to eat all at once. Oh man, Br Riechel's face when he opened the front door, and then when he brought out the ice cream was just priceless. It took me about 45 minutes, BUT I SCHAFFED IT. Felt pretty sick later though, hahahha oh golly. I'll send some pictures.

EASTER morning we went and took a walk. This city is absolutely gorgeous!!! We talked to people in the street about what Easter and the resurrection means to them. We had some really cool conversations! That was awesome. Then we watched some GENERAL CONFERENCE. We watched some on Saturday too, then yesterday we watched all but the Sunday afternoon. That comes next week (oh the suspense!!) I loooooved conference!
Momma, I TOTALLY thought the same thing when the choir sang "Consider the Lilies". To think that seven months ago I was sitting there in little Mission Viejo, and yesterday I was sitting in a little dim room here in Lübeck Germany. I too was filled with awe and those sweet memories of that day!! It made me miss my family. So much has happened. I can't even begin to describe how much the time has meant to me. I love you.
Madison in front of her favorite view of Lubeck

Two of my favorite talks were from Elder Nielson, and Elder Runlend. 'Twas I, but Tis not I' SO TRUE. One of my favorite things about Heavenly Father is that He does not judge us for who we were in the past, but rather for what we are doing right now. He forgives us of our sins, and remembers them no more. Is that not the greatest or what? That is why daily repentance is so important, and taking the Sacrament each week. Through the Atonement, we can be born again, and become new creatures! So many possibilities await us if we will just get over the mistakes of the past and move forward with a perfect hope in Christ.  "No failure is final" Because of Jesus Christ we can try again. And again, and again. What a miracle!! I know that the Atonement is real. We must each find what it means to us personally, and we must each feel everyday that the Savior is there to lift us up. He suffered and died for us, because He loves us. I know I can never pay him fully back for what He did for me, but then again, He doesn't expect me to. He just asks that I try. So I will! I will do my best.  "If we do what's right, we have no need to fear." I love the Savior, and I know that He loves me. He is there. HE LIVES. Because He went through everything, so can I!
Happy Easter, a time of new beginnings!
Liebe Grüße
Sister Mittleman


March 30, 2015
Last week of the transfer!! This time next week I will be either excitedly telling you I am staying here in der Hansestadt Lübeck mit liebe Sister Brim or excitedly telling you I am heading somewhere new in the vast green land of Germany.... Can you feeel the suspense CAUSE I CAN....
On a more serious note....
Yes, the rumors are true... I hit my seventh month mark!!!! Got me some DÖNER to celebrate. Feels like just yesterday and yet at the same time like foreverrrr ago when I got here. I can hardly say how much the time and experience has meant to me. I am so grateful to be serving the Lord in this blessed and lovely country. I love Germany. Need I say more?

Ok let's get to the good stuff.

 Most challenging thing of the week... the weird weather.

Sister Brim is doing well. She is absolutely hilarious!! We just have the funnest time together. She is friendly and just glowing with the Spirit. Shows people she cares in the way she talks to them. I love her :)))

Tuesday we tried going by on some referrals from a member on the street, but they were not interested. So we went by on this lady who was a contact in the area book (description: gypsy family- lolololol) I had tried her once or twice before, but she was never home. What do you think I am going to say next? Yes, yes she was home. Although the apartment building was pretty shady, their living room looked like a mini mansion. haha, strangely amusing. So we talked about the Book of Mormon, and she told us of her experiences with churches she has already ruled out as 'false'. She was really chill and hat sich total gefreut to get the BofM. We are going back tomorrow. It was awesome!!! Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Wednesday we had a really cool district meeting. I MADE CINNAMON ROLLS. Yes from the recipe you sent me mom, A TOTAL SUCCESS. oh meine güte they were SOOOO gooooood. I will send a pic. Something we are doing now in our zone during DMs, are doing the lessons in 7, 5, 3, then 1 minute. So Elder Mace, district leader from England, rolled a dice to choose the first person, then that person chose the next person, and so on . haha nobody wanted to choose the sisters!!! Fine by me, but I do like giving the one minute lessons, those are hard!! Then later that day we had our tausch with our STLs, I went to Altona (hamburg) with Sister Clegg.  Came back Thurs afternoon. It was really solid, Sister Clegg is awesome. Really easy to talk to and make conversation with.

Thurs we went to a recent convert of about a year for a visit with the elders. the elders usually go, but the member invited us this time as well. HIGHTLIGHT OF THE WEEK. Coming at you. We walk in, AND I FELT LIKE I HAD WALKED INTO SOME GERMAN VERSION OF THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA'S LAIR. No lie. deutsche dunkelheit, candles, wack\really cool chandelier, almost minor classical music lulling in the background. He had literally built all this stuff into the walls, it was wild.  I was dying. It was so fun, He had a full spread of goodies for us as we talked. It was awesome. He is so cool, calls himself "crazy" (yes in english). Oh man that was definitely the highlight of the week.

Friday we met with Frau MH, brought Schw Becker along. SOLID. She has read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, but feels she has not yet received an answer. We talked about many things, recognizing an answer, Baptism, the Sacrament, and church attendance. She feels like maybe making the decision to come to church might be like practically deciding to join the church, from which she is afraid. (borderline german sentence structure??) Schw Becker gave awesome testimony of just coming and checking it out, and how awesome our church is, and why she should not be afraid to come. It was rad. I just felt so peaceful throughout that whole lesson. Frau MH is a real sweetheart with a strong faith. I love her so much! She goes on vacation this week, so we won't see her till next week (hopefully I am still here!!!)

Saturday morning right after we finished our studies, Chris from the ward called, and told us if we had no specific plans they needed help with a family moving. WHOLEHEARTEDLY ACCEPTED. Man oh man so we rolled over there in the bus IN PANTS. That was fun. sooooo sore after though! haha, our gml, Bruder Nowak, kept telling us how he couldn't recognize us in our jeans. Good times, good times. It felt awesome to help this family out, and serve there with some other ward members.

SO you have seen the “Because He Lives” video!! I love it. We have like a million little cards to give out, and invite people to learn more about the life and characteristics of our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so excited this week is Easter. The video is of course supposed to go on until Christmas, but especially with Easter this week, it is great to reflect on Jesus. I love the scripture in 2 Cor 12:10. Seriously, this scripture is golden. Christ went through everything for us. Everything! The song "I Stand All Amazed" comes to mind as well. I cannot even comprehend how much Jesus loves us, it is truly a miracle. He took on the world, and that makes it possible for me to take on everything that I am faced with. I can do everything through Him. I love Him.

SO STOKED FOR CONFERENCE. We will watch the morning sessions live. Women’s Conference on Saturday afternoon. Saturday afternoon on Sunday afternoon. Then Sunday afternoon the next Sunday (oh the suspense!!!) I really appreciate conference more as a missionary. My testimony of the prophet has really been strengthened as I have taught about the restoration of the  Priesthood and Gospel. I will be in Heaven. and with transfer calls Saturday morning it will just be craaaaazy fun!! I really hope you know how much I love this church, and this opportunity to serve a mission in Germany.
Have a happy Easter!!
Mach's gut liebe Familie!!

Sister Madison Mittleman