Thursday, August 27, 2015

Inside I Was Just Like HEAVENLY FATHER- BUT HOW????

August 24, 2015

Ich grüße euch aus Leipzig!

This Friday I reach my year mark. I have become very thoughtful about the past year, but I'll probably send a longer email next week after I am officially one year out. Oh the suspense.

Sooooo this week was tiring. It all led up to our little field trip to Berlin on Thursday. 

Monday we went to an American family in the ward to work on personal progress with the mom and daughter, who is still working on adjusting to life here. They are both so sweet and being in their home makes me feel so at home!

Tuesday it rained cats and dogs. We called a tooooon of people from our area book, and either found out that they have no interest, or they don't recall ever giving their number out and want to know how we got it :) some were pretty angry. Sometimes one just has to hang up...ha!

Wednesday-service. The lady there told us that we always have such good moods and that we are just the sweetest. Oh man all we do is household chores and she is just so kind! It is nice hearing some verbal appreciation every once in a while :) Ate döner met with Holger, and our joint teach came this time! It was a pretty easy going lesson. He just needs to take on the plan of God, and stop wondering how he can go further on his own way. I know that the plan of salvation is for all of us, and reaches and satisfies our needs, despite the different lives we all may lead.  Holger brought ice cream this time. He is so cool!!

Thursday- mission tour in Berlin!!!! We had to be there at 8 to practice with the choir. Which meant waking up at like 4 laaaaame but worth it. On the train ride up the scenery was gorgeous. Lots of misty fields and forests. I was almost convinced that I would see Mr. Darcy suddenly come into view. (Just kidding, who even is that??...)

Sooo with a mission tour a General Authority comes and speaks to us at a conference. Like a band taking a tour around the mission...ONLY BETTER, (wow, see how much I have changed?! haha.)  Elder Johnson was really a solid man. As he started talking I was suddenly filled with feelings of failure, and inadequacy. Things are going slow in our area and I've been struggling to keep my spirits up. And then after a few minutes he asked, " Do you ever feel inadequate? Like you’re just not good enough?" and inside I was just like HEAVENLY FATHER- BUT HOW???? Oh man so he continued to address us all on why these feelings come and how to overcome them. It was just for me! What a tender mercy that was to have a deep concern addressed in such a perfect setting. He talked much about the enabling power of the Atonement. He straight up told us, that in life we are all inadequate. And it's true! Alone we are nothing. Too often I try avoiding such thoughts, trying to justify my weaknesses or figure out what is wrong with me, etc. But Elder Johnson told us that we CANNOT spend time worrying about how incapable or weak we are. It is just a fact of life! It does not matter that we are weak, because we have the enabling power of the Atonement. We do not and should not go through life alone, leaning on our own abilities. I should not try to not be inadequate, rather I should start straight off by applying the Atonement in all that I do. Like in Ether 12:27, the Lord has GIVEN us these weaknesses. And He will help us. Coming to earth and being in a natural and weak state is like falling into water. I am wet. There is nothing I can do to change the fact that this has happened. Instead of trying to comfort myself by denying the fact that I am wet, or get upset at myself for the way things are, I can dry off. Why spend time worrying about the fact that I am soaked when I can move on! See what I am saying. If not, sorry, it makes sense in my head. Heavenly Father and Christ are both ALREADY AWARE that we are small and simple, and much of the time inadequate, but that is not what determines our salvation. They care more that we reach out for help that we try to change. It's all a part of the plan. What a life, what a life. I know that if we reach out for help, we will feel the power of the Atonement strengthen and build us up. 

I am really struggling in this city, but I love it here. Leipzig is the perfect place to visit in the summer. There is a huge market plaza, lots of shopping, tooooons of cafes, and cool people. 

This Friday Sister Reed and I are going to live fancy and get spaghetti Eis (google a pic) at some cafe for my year mark. I am excited :)

I have never been so tired!!!!! Sister Reed and I have vowed that the phrase, " I am tired" is now forbidden. haha it's hard but tis a good idea. 

Well that is all that's in my head right now. I love you wish you a looovely week. Eat ice cream on the 28th :)

alles liebe
Sister Madison Mittleman
Mission Conference- Elder Brimhall & Madison

Zone Conference with Sis Reed

Sometimes I Feel Like We Walk Around Carrying A Million Dollars Asking People If They Want ILeipt.

August 17, 2015

MEGAN HIT A YEAR. meine güüüüüte that is crazy!!!!!!!!! Her emails are so good, I am so proud and I admire her so much. One year is such a long tiiiiiiime!!!
Let’s not get carried away though....
SOOOO this week was looooong and tiiiiiiring. 

Monday we went to the Zooooooooo. It was really cool and super nice!!! I looooved it!!! My favorite parts were the tiger and the giraffes. The tiger was sleeping but still looked cool. It was hard taking our time and going slow, as we are so used to walking with purpose. Overall it was a good time.
Leipzig Zoo

Wednesday we had service. We help out at the Ronald Mcdonald House here in Leipzig. We did some weeding outside. Felt just like home, haha! Then we booked it to an eating appointment with the same schwester from last week. She asked us if we liked fish, we said yes. Then she started dishin it out and it was like looong pieces of .... we started eating and then sister reed asked her how she made it and she was all like, oh it's super easy it's just raw herring......WAAHHHHHHH I was only a third done and I didn't know what I was going to do. Oh man there was so much. Then there was schnitzel and more potatoes on top of that. And then sweets. And this thick joghurt drink. ohhhh mannnn most of it was really good. außer the fish part....and we were stuffed and running late. We had an appt with Holger in the city and had to catch our bahn. hahha literally as soon as we said goodbye at her gate we started runnnninnng to the stop. Tummy full of raw fish and potatoes and the baking heat don't mix. Of course on the way there a member comes around the corner on her bike and is like "oh looking good! " hahaha. BUT we made it. On the way to our appt our joint teach called and said he couldn't come. schade!!! The appt was goooooood.  So he thinks he is already as near to God as he can get, without baptism or the temple. That was the main discussion. It was a bit frustrating and I felt myself getting a little fresh with my questions, HOWEVER we all settled down and it ended pretty well. He is going to continue meeting and reading in the Book of Mormon!!! He is so funny and I want him to understand and feel the truth of what we are saying. It is hard when something is so clear to us, but so noot for someone else. 

This week we talked to a lot of people about God. Here in East Germany there are several people who have simply grown up without God, and then those to whom He is not important at all. I think I really feel some of the sadness that Heavenly Father feels when His children fall away from Him. We ask people if they will at least TRY to see if He is there, because we know that it can make a difference in their lives. But still they say no.  Everyday we walk away from people and I just wish they could have what we have. Sometimes I feel like we walk around carrying a million dollars asking people if they want it. If they want it they can have it. But it's too grand an idea, isn't it? SO IST ES. we have the most precious message that anyone could dream of. It kills me when so many people say no!!! Often this week I was just praying and asking Heavenly Father how He does it. In the last year or so I have really felt a bit of the heartbreak He feels. 

Saturday we tausched with the Leipzig 2 sisters, as sis smith was still not feeling well. sooo I got to go hit the streets with sister Gebhard. We taught a lady they had found a week before and it was SOOO COOOOL. This lady is golden. We were sitting in the chapel having just explained the Book of Mormon, and she started crying! Then she said, I just have such a good feeling right now. Oh man it was a spiritual heaven. She is German and so cute!! Those sisters are blessed to have found her!!

Wellllll we go to Berlin this week, we have mission tour. What what!! Elder Johnson is coming, from the area seventy. Half the mission will be there yaaaaaay. Sister Reed and I get to sing in a mini choir. But none of my past comps will be there booooo they are in the West.  But I'm stoked to see President Fingerle again. 

SPEAKING OF PAST COMPS.... SISTER NORTON AND ELDER CARPENTER ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!!! Insert tears of happiness here.  Well I guess I should say Stacie and Kord. Feels like they were just here....

naja! I hope you have a gooood weeeeek fillled with spiritual moments in your hearts. egal what happens on the outside we can be at peace and happy inside.

alles liebe
Sister Madison Mittleman

I Know I Say This All The Time But Sundays We Really Eat Like Queens.

August 10, 2015

This week was pretty good. Mostly.

Tuesday we went to a member's house, and she invited a long time friend who was also really cool. It was one of those eating appointments where we were expected to eat A LOT. Ohhhh man. I walked in and saw the table full of hot food (and it was pretty hot outside, let's not forget) and I just didn't know what to think. BUT it was reallllly gooood and then we had a solid discussion about prophets and God's love. They are both really funny German ladies.

I GOT MY YEAR MARK PACKAGE!! Oh my gosh the sour skittles!!!!!!!!! Major thankkkkkkssssss what a sweet surprise of goodies. My own conference Ensign-now we're talkin'

Wednesday we went to this past investigator's place and turns out she is a learned native American healer.... So very soon after we entered it became clear that her opinion wouldn't be going in a more specific direction (from what she said and just from what was around) however, we had a solid conversation about Jesus and faith. One of the greatest things I've learned on the mission is patience. Soooo many times I just wanted to interrupt her, tell her she was wrong, say something about our nothingness in comparison to the wisdom of God, etc etc. buuuuut I didn't. It was hard. But people have their own right to believe what they want to believe. If they allow themselves to be touched by the spirit, then it happens. But if not, I shouldn't try to force it on them. naja.

Later we met with Holger!! We went through the restoration, he was pretty enthralled and just kept asking what came next. When we cleared it all up and gave him the Book of Mormon, he got just a bit apprehensive, as he has already found his own way to Jesus through energy. But he said he will read and pray about it. We shared our testimonies that the Book of Mormon can be used by every single one of us on the earth, EVERYONE. I love that about the restored gospel. I know that it can touch the hearts of us all.

Thurs I wasn't feeling well so we stayed home and slept for a few hours. We got to meet Elder White, Elder Clarke's new companion! He is really nice. I'm excited that he can start his mission here.

Friday we had a cool district meeting. Sister Reed and I gave a thema on member appointments. There are often things that we can't control, if they like us or not, if they chatter too much, etc but if we listen to the promptings of the spirit and do OUR part according to the Spirit, then it will be good.

Saturday we had to add sister Gebhard (sister from the other ward) to our companionship, as her comp wasn’t feeling well and went to stay with a member. We all went to a lesson with one of their investigators, and the guy was telling us how important it is that we do this, that we approach people in the street and try to tell them about God's plan for us. That was tender to hear.

Sunday we ate at the previous bishop's house with his wife. They are an older couple. Meat. Potatoes. Rotkohl. Soße. EIS. need I say more? IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOOOOD. I know I say this all the time but Sundays we really eat like queens. (I miss being home.) Then the bishop took us outside and got on a little ladder and picked apples from their apple tree to give to us. hahaha I was hoping the little man wouldn't fall off!
Madison helping the Bishop pick apples!

naja. This week lacked some enthusiasm on my part, and I think my attitude was a bit of a downer. Sometimes there are those moments where I realize that I am feeling down, but I don't do anything about it. I let myself stay wilted. I think these feelings come from not seeing the worth of our efforts, or just thinking that I am not capable of doing good here. In my mind I know that's not true, but in my heart it's harder to feel that it's important. My goal for this week is to stay enthusiastic. How will I do that? I'll tell you. By thinking of my love for the Savior. He has asked me to be here, so I will stay here. This is his work, and I love Him. Easy solution.

Have a reallly gooooood week.
liebe grüße aus Leipzig

Sister  Madison Mittleman
Leipzig, Germany

I Love Spending My Time, ALL Of My Time, Helping Others Come Closer To Christ.

August 3, 2015

HIIIIII a little short today but it's about quality not quantity, am I right, or am I right?


Elder Clarke is STAYING AND TRAINING. His little golden is so lucky to have him.
buuuuuuut that means

ELDER WILLIAMS IS LEAVING NOOOOOOO. Elder Willimas and I were in Braunschweig together my second and his first transfer, and were reunited these past two transfers. It’s waaay sad he is leaving, but alas, that belongs to missionary life! He is going to Bielefeld to be with Elder Whitaker, Elder Whitaker and I served in Lübeck together three transfers. Gooooood times.

The people of Leipzig are coooool. I really like it here. The city has got it all, the old the young, and everything in between. People are open to talking. Well as the honest Germans usually are, they will either stay and talk awhile or beat it if our "topic" doesn't interest them. Those who WILL talk are really open and enjoy sharing their opinion. They find it really cool that we come here and do what we do. Many ask us if we have success, with the people here. They also ask how we speak such good German ;)

SO the guy we found last weekend, Holger, met with us two times this week! yaaay victory. He believes on Chakran, and used that (not the bible) to come to Jesus. He lives in the city, has a family, is satisfied spiritually, but not bodily. So far we have talked about Jesus and prophets, and this week we hope to talk about the restoration. He is reallllly cooool and nice. Brought cake last time to eat with us. He has this reaaally deeep reallll säääääächsisch voice. i love it!!

challenging? Uhhhhhhhh probs waking up and feeling like I got in a fight the night before. I so tired momma!!! BUT life goes on.

Best thing this week was explaining the Atonement of Christ simply to Holger. It was amazing to tell someone why we really need Christ. I mean, for several of us that is COMPLETELY SELF UNDERSTANDABLE (selbstverständlich auf deutsch, forgot that in english) (i hate when other missionaries say that) (but it really does happen) but for sooo many people on the earth they have NOOOOO  IDEA about Jesus. Just watching his expression and the wheels turning in his head as we talked put me on cloud nine. I KNOW THAT WE HAVE A SAVIOR. I have learned about Him, and I have prayed about Him, His life, and the importance of Him in MY life. How blessed am to know this, and to feel that it is true. (this is where we all go to the talk "Is It Still Wonderful to You?" from last conference and get excited about renewing our testimonies)

MEGAN GOT TRANSFERRED finallllllly I am so excited and anxious to read her email!!! What a life, what a life.

WELLLLLL I love being here, and

I love spending my time, ALL of my time, helping others come closer to Christ. Sometimes when we are in the city walking around and trying to talk to people, I just look around me and take a moment to realize that I am in Leipzig Germany, as a representative of my Savior. I know that this is His work! I know that everybody is important! It is hard, yes, so so hard. It is difficult to put into words what that means-hard. Something I will experience for the rest of my life I am sure. But it is sooo worth it. I cannot comprehend the thought of eternity, but I know that it will all be worth it!

Sister Madison Mittleman

Moroni 7: 41 And what is it that ye shall hope for? Behold I say unto you that ye shall have hope through the atonement of Christ and the power of his resurrection, to be raised unto life eternal, and this because of your faith in him according to the promise.
Sister Mittleman & Elder Clarke

Leipzig, Germany

Elder Clarke, Sister's Reed & Mittleman

Sister's Reed & Mittleman with bunny!

Monday, August 3, 2015

This Week Really Helped Me To FEEEEL The Love.

July 27, 2015



We have transfers this week, Elder Clarke could possibly go! I don't want him to though, it's been real serving with him.

This week was waaaaay fun, good and went by soooo fast!!!

MONDAY we received our "mini missionary" akak JAZ Harouny. 

Madison, Jaz & Sis Reed- Leipzig

It was so weird seeing her after a year! Last time I saw her was at BYU and then here we were in Leipzig Germany. Totally crazy!! She stayed until Thursday. She got to come to a district meeting, eat döner (na klar), go finding, eat ice cream in the shade, go dooring. Her excitement and enthusiasm was pretty refreshing!! Missionary life felt so glamorous, haha. I realized that sometimes I focus on how tired I am, or how hard everything is, and I forget how excited I really am for this work. I always talk about how much I love being a missionary, but this week really helped me to FEEEEL the love. There really is nowhere else I would or should be. We were sad to see her go!!! But I am so glad that it happened!!! Best part of the week for sure  :)

When we were street contacting we kind of split up into a pair, and then a single person so we didn't end up approaching someone in our little party of three. Jaz and I talked to someone whose friend got baptized here, we talked about Jesus Christ and he agreed to meet again! He didn't come though, which was lame, but we totally have his number so we'll be in contact.  That was coool.

WE TAUSCHED this week on Thurs to Friday with our stls, Sister Hahn (way hilaroius and happy) and I stayed here in Leipzig. Sister Kronwitter (my MTC comp and one of my favorite people in the world!!!!!)  and Sister Reed went to Chemnitz. I wasn't feeling so well so our time together was a bit weird, but I had a really solid time with Sister Hahn. The whole day Friday we had all these little tausch miracles, running into people from weeeks ago with whom we'd been trying to have contact. That was cool. Miracles are miracles, no matter how small!

Saturday Sister Reed and I were both feeling a bit under the weather, we had time to be outside but all I wanted to be was in my bed. The thing is I was not dyyying, but I was not feeling peachy keen either. (challenging struggle) soooooo we stayed out anyway, and what happens? NEW INVESTIGATOR. Cue dramatic victory music- we had this cooool conversation with this guy who is spiritually satisfied but his body feels something lacking. hmmmm sounds like Amos 8:10-11 and D&C 123:12. Way cool guy, we meet tomorrow and we are prayyying our little hearts out that he will come!!!!!

Lou texted us this week saying she was back in town, wanted to know when we will meet. I missed her!!! haha she is so precious!!

No mom sadly with this mission being the size of like a thousand of Megs missions together we don’t get to go to the Temple due to distance. They closed it down to renovate...soo.....were I closer than maybe I could go walk around. But that's okay. :)

This week I am trying to get to know the Savior better. It sounds better in German with the verb kennenlernen, to get to know. Also ich versuche ihn besser kennenzulernen. as Christians we know so much about the Savior. To be His disciples we must really KNOW Him. Christ is the only one who can help us in the best way. The more we learn about Him and ponder, the more meaning He will have in our lives. I mean I can know everything about zayn malik from One Direction (by the way he is not in 1d anymore, I didn't know that!!! why didn't anyone tell me?!) but that knowledge is USELESS. On the other hand, I can learn about the Savior and when I feel like I know Him, He can help me. Why? Because HE KNOWS ME TOO. What a dramatic difference. (man I am totally having an epiphany while writing this) I know that Christ is our personal Savior. I know that a testimony of His mission and character can change our lives. I love Him, and I know He is always there. I love to testify of Christ, and I know that we can see proof of Him in all aspects of our lives!

Love you,
Sister Madison Mittleman


July 20, 2015

WELLLLLLLLL this week was cool.

Ok for me it was just an ok week. But I am a missionary, therefore life is always good! Even if the weeks do not take place on cloud nine.

Lou is on vacation, she recently finished tests, she is in need of a pause. so sweet! We’ll hear more from her when she returns.

Wunder! One investigator, Katharina, got really busy for a while, and then out of the blue during my mittags nap on Wednesday she called and said she had time to meet. JACKPOT. We made our way over to riz and had a solid chat about the restoration and baptism. This was only my second sit down lesson with her, and Sister Reed's first. I looooove her! She is so sweet and has a solid faith. She wants to get baptized, she said she generally feels from what she has heard and remembers from the lessons with the Elders a year ago, that it is all true. She just needs a little boost to kick some problems with the word of wisdom. wenn man sich mit dem Evangelium Jesu Christi beschäftigt, dann geht's los! When we busy ourselves with the teachings of Christ, we will notice the changes will come. We are just praying that she will decide she wants to meet regularly. I mean she has the desire, but making it a priority is the next step. naja, so ist es!!!!!  I love her :)

The Elders' investigator got baptized on Saturday! 

He has really changed around, and it was a really spiritual time. Sometimes I am really amazed at how far we are willing to go when we know something is right. We could pretty much just waste away our lives pretty easily having fun and being lazy. But God expects much of us. This is eternal life we are talking about!!! There is no time to waste. I am grateful for my testimony of God's plan. We are here for a specific purpose. we have work to do! GEHTS LOS. If we are not all in, then why are we even here?!

Speaking of baptisms.. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH HERR DEVERS IN LÜBECK GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY: AKA the husband of frau now Schwester Devers who like pretty much fell from Heaven. Wunder meines lebens, part 2.  I am so happy for their family.  They are now a power couple. Seriously two of the coolest people in the world. Wish I could have been there, but I know that I am here for a reason. I feel so blessed to know this family, and to see the miracles God is bringing forth in their lives. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. CONVERSION IS POSSIBLE. I know it. I've witnessed it. WHAT A LIFE.

Liebe grüße aus Leipzig

Sister Madison Mittleman

ps Jaz Harouny is coming here to Leipzig to do a mini mission with Sister Reed and me for a few days!!!! CRAZY. We were in German at BYU together and are tiiiiight. IM STOKED. She was totally there when I opened my call!!!! wooohooo!!!!