Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sometimes I Feel Like We Walk Around Carrying A Million Dollars Asking People If They Want ILeipt.

August 17, 2015

MEGAN HIT A YEAR. meine güüüüüte that is crazy!!!!!!!!! Her emails are so good, I am so proud and I admire her so much. One year is such a long tiiiiiiime!!!
Let’s not get carried away though....
SOOOO this week was looooong and tiiiiiiring. 

Monday we went to the Zooooooooo. It was really cool and super nice!!! I looooved it!!! My favorite parts were the tiger and the giraffes. The tiger was sleeping but still looked cool. It was hard taking our time and going slow, as we are so used to walking with purpose. Overall it was a good time.
Leipzig Zoo

Wednesday we had service. We help out at the Ronald Mcdonald House here in Leipzig. We did some weeding outside. Felt just like home, haha! Then we booked it to an eating appointment with the same schwester from last week. She asked us if we liked fish, we said yes. Then she started dishin it out and it was like looong pieces of .... we started eating and then sister reed asked her how she made it and she was all like, oh it's super easy it's just raw herring......WAAHHHHHHH I was only a third done and I didn't know what I was going to do. Oh man there was so much. Then there was schnitzel and more potatoes on top of that. And then sweets. And this thick joghurt drink. ohhhh mannnn most of it was really good. außer the fish part....and we were stuffed and running late. We had an appt with Holger in the city and had to catch our bahn. hahha literally as soon as we said goodbye at her gate we started runnnninnng to the stop. Tummy full of raw fish and potatoes and the baking heat don't mix. Of course on the way there a member comes around the corner on her bike and is like "oh looking good! " hahaha. BUT we made it. On the way to our appt our joint teach called and said he couldn't come. schade!!! The appt was goooooood.  So he thinks he is already as near to God as he can get, without baptism or the temple. That was the main discussion. It was a bit frustrating and I felt myself getting a little fresh with my questions, HOWEVER we all settled down and it ended pretty well. He is going to continue meeting and reading in the Book of Mormon!!! He is so funny and I want him to understand and feel the truth of what we are saying. It is hard when something is so clear to us, but so noot for someone else. 

This week we talked to a lot of people about God. Here in East Germany there are several people who have simply grown up without God, and then those to whom He is not important at all. I think I really feel some of the sadness that Heavenly Father feels when His children fall away from Him. We ask people if they will at least TRY to see if He is there, because we know that it can make a difference in their lives. But still they say no.  Everyday we walk away from people and I just wish they could have what we have. Sometimes I feel like we walk around carrying a million dollars asking people if they want it. If they want it they can have it. But it's too grand an idea, isn't it? SO IST ES. we have the most precious message that anyone could dream of. It kills me when so many people say no!!! Often this week I was just praying and asking Heavenly Father how He does it. In the last year or so I have really felt a bit of the heartbreak He feels. 

Saturday we tausched with the Leipzig 2 sisters, as sis smith was still not feeling well. sooo I got to go hit the streets with sister Gebhard. We taught a lady they had found a week before and it was SOOO COOOOL. This lady is golden. We were sitting in the chapel having just explained the Book of Mormon, and she started crying! Then she said, I just have such a good feeling right now. Oh man it was a spiritual heaven. She is German and so cute!! Those sisters are blessed to have found her!!

Wellllll we go to Berlin this week, we have mission tour. What what!! Elder Johnson is coming, from the area seventy. Half the mission will be there yaaaaaay. Sister Reed and I get to sing in a mini choir. But none of my past comps will be there booooo they are in the West.  But I'm stoked to see President Fingerle again. 

SPEAKING OF PAST COMPS.... SISTER NORTON AND ELDER CARPENTER ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!!! Insert tears of happiness here.  Well I guess I should say Stacie and Kord. Feels like they were just here....

naja! I hope you have a gooood weeeeek fillled with spiritual moments in your hearts. egal what happens on the outside we can be at peace and happy inside.

alles liebe
Sister Madison Mittleman

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