Monday, August 3, 2015


July 20, 2015

WELLLLLLLLL this week was cool.

Ok for me it was just an ok week. But I am a missionary, therefore life is always good! Even if the weeks do not take place on cloud nine.

Lou is on vacation, she recently finished tests, she is in need of a pause. so sweet! We’ll hear more from her when she returns.

Wunder! One investigator, Katharina, got really busy for a while, and then out of the blue during my mittags nap on Wednesday she called and said she had time to meet. JACKPOT. We made our way over to riz and had a solid chat about the restoration and baptism. This was only my second sit down lesson with her, and Sister Reed's first. I looooove her! She is so sweet and has a solid faith. She wants to get baptized, she said she generally feels from what she has heard and remembers from the lessons with the Elders a year ago, that it is all true. She just needs a little boost to kick some problems with the word of wisdom. wenn man sich mit dem Evangelium Jesu Christi beschäftigt, dann geht's los! When we busy ourselves with the teachings of Christ, we will notice the changes will come. We are just praying that she will decide she wants to meet regularly. I mean she has the desire, but making it a priority is the next step. naja, so ist es!!!!!  I love her :)

The Elders' investigator got baptized on Saturday! 

He has really changed around, and it was a really spiritual time. Sometimes I am really amazed at how far we are willing to go when we know something is right. We could pretty much just waste away our lives pretty easily having fun and being lazy. But God expects much of us. This is eternal life we are talking about!!! There is no time to waste. I am grateful for my testimony of God's plan. We are here for a specific purpose. we have work to do! GEHTS LOS. If we are not all in, then why are we even here?!

Speaking of baptisms.. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH HERR DEVERS IN LÜBECK GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY: AKA the husband of frau now Schwester Devers who like pretty much fell from Heaven. Wunder meines lebens, part 2.  I am so happy for their family.  They are now a power couple. Seriously two of the coolest people in the world. Wish I could have been there, but I know that I am here for a reason. I feel so blessed to know this family, and to see the miracles God is bringing forth in their lives. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. CONVERSION IS POSSIBLE. I know it. I've witnessed it. WHAT A LIFE.

Liebe grüße aus Leipzig

Sister Madison Mittleman

ps Jaz Harouny is coming here to Leipzig to do a mini mission with Sister Reed and me for a few days!!!! CRAZY. We were in German at BYU together and are tiiiiight. IM STOKED. She was totally there when I opened my call!!!! wooohooo!!!!

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