Tuesday, September 2, 2014


(August 28th, 2014)
Cheerio my friends I have arrived here in England. Sorry dad, I have to say it: I don't have a lot of time. haha. But really. Anyway, saying and waving goodbye at John Wayne Airport was so hard. I was crying as I waved my last goodbye and ventured in the little tunnel thing to the plane. My flights were fine. I met up with tons o' missionaries in Chicago. Sorry I didn't call!! My flight here was looooong and felt so weird because I was tired but not and it was night but it wasn't and then it was morning but it wasn't see what I did there..... I watched the sun set in America and rise in ENGLAND. It is so green and so flat. That's all I can say. I really have not done anything but walk in the front door, and take a picture and talk to sister Edwards. Now I have to go meet with a member of the MTC presidency and then unpack. I have my tag now!!! It's official. I don't know what's going on or where anything is or really what I’m supposed to do after all of this but ITS ALL GOOD. Well I love you. I’m here. I’m safe. Life is good. Time to go sing "God Save the Queen" or something.

Send her victorious happy and glorious, long tooo rein ooover us, God save the Queen.

Sister Mittleman

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