Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Love Being In My Own Personal "Wilderness" Out Here If You Know What I Mean.

January 19, 2015
Greetings from Germany!!!!!! Sorry I don't have that much time but I will do my best to get in the good stuff.


HELLOOOO not too much time but let me try this again.
Yes this week was rough. but ya know what, life is rough!!

SPENT WHAT FEELS LIKE THE WHOLE DAY OF EACH DAY THIS WEEK OUTSIDE GOING TÜR ZU TÜR; KLINGELING AND TALKING TO PEOPLE: not going to lie it was discouraging sometimes. But attitude is everything I have learned. Some days were harder than others, what for emotional problems, etc. Sometimes peoples coldness hurts more than at other times. naja. so ist es.

I have really realized how much I love being on a mission, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If I didn’t know that this is the right place for me to be in then there is no way I would be here. I have really learned how important it is for each of us to cultivate and continually develop our testimonies. If we have a testimony, let us recognize how blessed we are!! If people really knew what was at stake for our time here on earth, they would be asking us to be baptized. But that's not how it is. Heavenly Father has a plan. We all accepted this plan. We need to help others remember that they accepted this plan too.

We have received sooo much rejection this past week! BUT I know that the Lord has prepared people here in Lübeck. We just need to find them. Hard it is, yes. But worth it, of course.

Saturday night  I threw up three times!! I was sooo weak and achy yesterday. Just slept all day. Before I got sick I kept praying that I would stop feeling nauseaus (uh spelling??) then I finally realized  that the feeling would only go away after I threw up. It was inevitable. So I threw up. Three times. Did I feel better and not nauseus? Yes! Sorry for the gross and random example but I know that when we accept the Lord's will and get over ourselves, life will get a lot better. Repenting means changing our will and becoming more in einklang with that of the Lord's.

Sorry this email was a little rough around the edges and short. I LOVE YOU. Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers. I love being in my own personal "wilderness" out here if you know what I mean. LETS DO WORK THIS WEEK.

true words from Joseph Smith indeed
liebe grüße
Sister Mittleman

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