Thursday, June 11, 2015

The City Will Reach It's 1000 Birthday This Weekend, And I Feel Pretty Honored To Be Here For That.

May 25, 2015
sooooo i was writing from my ipad, but then I decided that I didn't like it, it was too hard. I can handle everything else except lots of typing.

I MADE IT. I am here, in Leipzig. It is a huuuuuuuge city. Reminds me of Braunschweig, only a bit bigger. I LOVE IT. It is really pretty, and BACHS GRAVE IS HERE. Supposedly. The city will reach its 1000 birthday this weekend, and I feel pretty honored to be here for that.

Alright lets get down to business.

Yes, Sister Hilton and Elder Hilton serve here and partly in a nearby branch. She is really sweet, and he can speak German really well. They’re solid people.

Uh, technically there is nothing in the white handbook about hugging men, but there of course is just some taboo about it. I mean, we avoid it, but it has happened before.

Innenstadt here is really windy. Tall buildings. There is a huge marktplatz where there are little markets every few days. People DO talk differently here, I can generally understand it, but it is fun to heart the little accent difference. It's cool. People in general, I have not noticed a big difference. Time will tell. My companion SIS MURDOCK is doin well. Feels like home being back with her. I love it. We both are pretty much always on the same page, which I love especially because we like keeping a simple clean apartment without papers on the wall everywhere. Good stuff.
We found this guy from China this week, and at our appointment the next day his friend showed up. They’re really open and curious! That was cool. Way cool. Another appointment fell out with them, but hopefully we can get a hold of them again. This other girl we are teaching is from China too, she had a baptismal date, but it fell out and she went back to china for a bit. The sisters realized she still had some things to learn. She is back now, and it seems like she has a better understanding of the situation. She is back on date for the 13th of next month.  She wants to get baptized, because she knows it is something that will take her back to God. She’s really sweet :)
The best thing to happen this week was probably just enjoying the lovely city. It’s hard with everything being new, really hard. And missing Lübeck. BUT this place is a new adventure. I am stoked. The good times keep on rolling.
 Thanks for the excerpt of that talk! I had heard that before and I love it. I totally have a testimony of our callings, the mission, the areas in which we serve, and our companions. Everything that happens, "the Lord is in it." IT’S TRUE.

Change is hard, but it is necessary. I love serving in so many different places under so many different conditions. There is not just one way to serve the Lord. We all have different assignments in different points of our lives. He knows where we need to be.

LOVE YOU. Wish you a well week. liebe grüße aus Leipzig
Sister Madison Mittleman
Lubeck- Saying Goodbye to Sis Brim

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