Monday, July 6, 2015

There She Stood LIKE AN ANGEL With Two Pieces Of WATERMELON.

July 6, 2015

Sorry I am so late today! Our appointment with Lou Song ran late, and then there is this wacko concert or something going on down the street and police are everywhere. But alas, here I am!

GUESS WHO BOUGHT HAUS SHOES. That is right, me. My little pink slippers I had to leave in L├╝beck. But last week I finally got around to buying some legit looking haus schuhe real cheap. I love them. ich bin Deutsche! Well more than already I guess.

This week was hooooooooot. Maaaaaan. But we got forward despite the sticky nature of our skin. We went to try and visit a few students the other day. They were not home so we did a little survey door to door. This one girl was really nice, and we had solid conversation. She wasn't interested in learning more, but we all enjoyed talking with one another so it was good. 10 minutes later after finishing her hallway we were going down the stairs to the next one, when we heard the girl coming down behind us telling us to wait. We turned around, and there she stood LIKE AN ANGEL with two pieces of WATERMELON.  Oh man what a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. We were pretty hot and wilted, so that totally made our day. She was happy to help us too. That was awesome. WUNDER. The Lord is looking out for me, I know it.

We spent a lot of time in the city center talking with all kinds of people as usual. We talked to this one student from Chemnitz who apparently has a best friend who is a member of the church, and he even went to the temple with this guy for his sealing!?! He said he thought the idea of a temple is very like what the bible teaches, and I was YES THANK YOU.  It really makes sense. He loved talking with us, and gave us each a sweet handshake as we parted. Told him he could come to my temple sealing if you know what I mean.. haha just kidding....

We saw a member in the city one morning and she suggested going to a park in the area, so we did. And we had tooooooons of solid conversations. We were talking with this one lady about modern day prophets and I could see she was goin with it. But she is satisfied with where she is and doesn't want to change churches. OH MAN. It was hard letting her go. I am sad when that happens, but I know that so much of my mission is planting seeds so that one day people can be ready when their time comes along. It is disappointing, yes. But in “Preach My Gospel” it says that we will not be disappointed in ourselves when we do our best. That gives me comfort and hope and yes motivation to keep doing it.

I MISSED THE BEACH THIS WEEEK. I have my picture of Megan and me from last year just chilling in our suits against the sunset, and I may have looked at that many times. The Fourth of July was different as a missionary. But I loved it anyway. There was a baptism for a guy from Halle, so we got Lou Song to come! That was cool for her to see how it actually goes down. The guy's first language is French, so the missionaries and another lady sang this arrangement of a song in German, French, and English.  I was loving it! I love that the Gospel of Christ is the same in all languages no matter where you go. We all have the same Redeemer, and faith. We are different, but we are united. That brings me so much comfort and ease. Having a prophet to lead the church and preserve the doctrine is truly a miracle and a blessing.  How blessed we are!

Lou Song is still having trouble with making it to church, but we actually just met with her and had a good talk about priorities. She has heard all the doctrinal points, but really in the past few weeks she is beginning to feeeeeel the importance and meaning it can have for her. I love her so much! I can just see the spirit working with her. Tonight she asked several questions about baptism and what happens after. She asks lots of questions now, and is way more talkative. She is taking it all to heart now. She is so darn cute! She leaves on urlaub next week, but we think that within the next month she can get baptized.

Sister Reed is doing well. I really looooove her. 
Madison & Sis Reed inLeipzig

She makes me laugh and whenever we are in the elevator in our building she and I are always fighting back laughter when someone else is there. I don't know why we always get the giggles, but I love it.

We have zone conference on Thursday, so we will meet President and Sister Fingerle in person WHAT WHAT. Also I might be singing again with Elder Clarke and Sister Reed playing. Some other Elder is supposed to sing with so we shall see how it goes down. Phil 4:13 RINGS TRUE.

I know that God and Jesus Christ are the most important people in our lives. Every day we can have a new beginning to try and show them that that is true. I am grateful that I have been baptized and made the promise to serve them. I know that they are very near us. I love them. And I love to serve them. Love you lots.


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