Sunday, February 21, 2016

I Love Germans, And This Country So Much!

February 8, 2016


I am so grateful to still have three weeks. This week I got pretty sentimental. sometimes when I think of going home I want to cry!!! I love it so much and am enjoying everything while I can.

This week was voll cool.

Tuesday we went with a precious member to a previous investigator that like nobody could get ahold of for like 5 years. He talked a looooot but we were able to talk to thank goodness for the sweet sister there with us. He agreed to read in the book of Mormon and we are going back again tomorrow.

Wednesday we visited Familie Mit, they are pretty certain that they will be leaving next week!!! sooooo saaaaad. BUT as I always say, They are so faithful and they just know that God will take care of them. We talked more about reading daily in the Book of Mormon, and we read some scriptures together. They said they will read daily, even when busy. 

Thursday we had a skype companionship study with our sister training leaders in Freiber, Sister Henrie and Sister Curry. It was SOLID. We talked about the Book of Mormon and having faith to find people who will listen to the Gospel of Christ. I was so strengthened and got so pumped up. Later we although it rained we had many great conversations. One in particular was with a lady just returning to Cottbus from a hard life in England. Even though she is not religious, we shared our testimonies and I felt the spirit touch not just me, but her as well. That was cool, to part from her with just a warm feeling. I love those experiences. That night we visited Ruphi, she is FINALLY settled in her new apartment, haha I love her so much. She gave us a little something to eat before we left. 

Friday we ate with a family in the ward, I LOVE THEM. They have us over every other week. We shared a message about faith. They are really good missionaries, too. Haha the husband predicts that I will be married this year or next year. MAL SCHAUEN BRUDER KALLENBORN! They were able to share with us times when it's been hard for them, and how they got back to their current testimonies. I was grateful to be with them and have that uplifting time in their home. We went back to Ruphi and talked about going to church, the WHY behind it. We also directly invited her to be baptized. Sister Jackson and I really felt the spirit while teaching her, it was so cool. I could tell by Ruphi's little smile that she did too. She said she will pray about it. We are really working on getting her to church, she knows a recent and fellow camaroonian in the ward, so she WANTS to come. I know that will strengthen her testimony of the restored Gospel!! Sunday we were going to go pick her up but then her son was still sleeping so she couldn’t make it. Grrrr her time will come!! Later we stopped by a less active Vietnemese family, as the son had his birthday, they invited us over for the next day to eat cake!

So Saturday we went by a guy who said we could come back, and HE WAS THERE and came down to talk with us. We gave him a Book of Mormon. It felt so good to look him in the eyes and share my testimony of it, my heart was warm with the spirit. He is not very religion oriented, but he said he will read and that we could stop by again. He was way cool. After that we had cake with the birthday boy, and shared a message of the Savior's love. Then we visited family Mit and talked about the word of wisdom. SO GOOD. they are already living it, and agreed with everything. haha communicating is still a challenge but thanks to the Serbisch pamphlets they understand everything.

Sunday MY LAST FAST SUNDAY IN GERMANY. of course I shared my testimony. I love this ward so much. I was so strengthened from all the thoughts that were shared. We ate at Sister Kosak's parents, SO GOOD. 

THIS WEEK we go to Leipzig for zoko. wooooooo. pics to come next week. 

Wellllll I was really happy this week. the rain was probs the most challenging part. But otherwise we talked to some really cool people this week. I love Germans, and this country so much. I am really taking in everything about missionary life. I will miss it so much. I love my mission so much. I just can't say that enough. 

MEGAN ONLY HAS TWO WEEEKS that is so insane. I love her and pray for her every day!!

I love sharing my testimony of the Savior. I know He lives and loves us. He will always come to us when we need help. The Book of Mormon testifies of His Atonement. We have a prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson. I am so grateful I can be here in Germany and take part in this wonderful work. ES IST WIRKLICH EINE EHRE.

alles liebe aus Cottbus,

Sister Mittleman


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