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What Matters Is That We Try OUR Best.

September 29, 2014
Greeting from the land of Germany. First of all, sorry that last week's email was a little...uhh wie sagt man ...WACKO. Yep. I said that I would do better but then it just got all wrong, haha oh man! So today I am taking it easy, and just writing the answers to your questions and whatever else I feel is beneficial for us all to know.... Let us begin!!!
Soo we eat a lot of cheese, bread, nutella. Need I say more?
Yes eventually boots will be necessary the weather is still really nice, on the chilly side though. But it's all good. Sis Norton and I will be on the lookout in the next few weeks. We just don't know how much it will snow. laaaaaame.
(just kidding I am so excited for Christmas here in Germany!!!!)
Sooo Boris will probably be leaving the area due to his lack of work, but he is making progress in his faith in Christ. He knows that Christ is more than a prophet, but somebody who can help him. That really is the first step in everything. Without faith in Christ, what can we do. Let me answer that- nothing. He wants a picture of Christ in his room, so we are working on getting one for him. We fear that he might not want to commit totally to a religion knowing he is leaving the area and the ward. But life goes on, and we will do what we can.
So with Ruth, we wanted to talk about baptism, and taking that step this week, but every time we tried to start thinking about a lesson plan for her, things just didn't come together. Seriously, we were walking to her house and we still didn't know what to do. So Sister Norton had us stop on the side of the sidewalk and say a prayer. Then we continued on in silence. After a few minutes, Sister Norton asked me what I was thinking.  So in these past minutes I had been trying to be open and just see what came. The memory of sister Norton mentioning a few days ago that she felt that Ruth needed to hear the law of chastity had come to my mind. I tried to brush it aside to be honest, thinking "what? We are trying to focus on baptism this week, why would we talk about that" but even as I tried to avoid it, this stream of though just came to my mind- keuschheit, keuschheit, keuschheit. (chastity in German) I totally had a little  " what is going on" moment. So when Sister Norton asked me what I was thinking, I hesitated in my mind before saying anything. But after a few seconds, I just said that I thought chastity would be a good topic. After a few moments of more silence, Trainer Norton said " I thought of that too."  WHAT NOW. In that moment I knew that it was the holy ghost that was working with us. As you can probably guess, that was a great discussion!!! It was awesome!!!! 
Well wish I could go on about our other teaching pool members but I'm running out of time.
So the best low key thing that happened this week was when we bought a pizza, and walked to the church to eat it. Oh ya, reminded me of my BYU days or nights I mean...AND I BOUGHT A DIRNDL!!!! Just kidding, don't worry. But Sister Norton did!!!  I’ll attach a picture of me trying it on!!! 
Dirndl Dress

The challenging thing this week was things cancelling. And really realizing that everybody here smokes... but that's just apart of the missionary life.  Life goes on.
I'll close with some thoughts on life and reaching our potential. I was studying a talk this week, in which there was a quote from sister Hinckley. She was talking about how our personal best is different than everybody elses's personal best. But that doesn't matter!!!! What matters is that we try OUR best.  Waaaay easier said than done I thought. Too often we compare ourselves, and end up thinking that we are not good enough. But I know that God has blessed each of us with our own strengths. We each can make a difference in our own way. God needs each of us! In ways sometimes not known to us, but I know that He needs us to try!! Let's get over ourselves, and just try to be better. Wait, " do or do not, there is no try" hmmmm yes Yoda's words are true. Let's just get over ourselves and do work.  Just act. Don't stress it, don't worry, don't complain. I know that as we go forward with faith WE WILL NEVER FAIL. Don't forget who our God is. What He has done in the past, and what He is doing now.  He is indeed almighty. We are His children. I think that should be all the reassurance we need to get us going in the morning. I know who I am, and I know whose I am. "Forget yourself and go to work" Amen to that.  I love you, and think of you often.


Sister Mittleman
Braunschweig Cathedral with Sister Norton
Braunschweig Chapel

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