Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Heavenly Father Is Involved In The Little Things Of Our Lives.

November 17, 2014
Guten Tag liebe Familie!!!
Time has been flying by sooo fast!! This is a short transfer, only 5 weeks, and we are already on the fourth weeek! waaahhh!!
I love Germany soooo much!!! The language, the people, especially the old ancient people, the foood, the landscape, everything!!! It is sooo prettty here! I am so grateful that I am serving here. 
A few random things...Sister Harris taught me how to wrap a turban on my head!! hahahaha sooooo funnny. She said that an African woman taught her how. Pics will come.

 German yogurt is sooooo goood. This week I bought a 1kg bag of gummy bears. Yes, that's right. I think I have eaten gummy bears almost everyday of the mission. What a life! I eat very politely like a European now, aka I eat salad with a fork and knife. Legit, right?
Thank you for the awesome emails!!! I love your emails sooo much, the updates, the testimonies, the pics. Dad's Father Christmas beard is looking way good. I love you all soooo much!!
sister mittleman

Just kidding that is not the end. That just felt very final for some reason...let us move on. 
Question time! Or, answers to your questions I mean!
Investigators!! yay! Jump on the train of progression! 
Have not had contact with B for about a week. He is out of town. Gets back tomorrow. We shall see. I love him! I am not too worried about him, as this has happened before. The gospel has just changed him so much, and he knows how much it helps him. Soooo coool.
Dearest H, the lady who just walked into church a few weeks ago. We finally made an appt with her, and talked about the restoration. After the first vision, delivered by yours truly, all she really said was, wow you said that practically word for word. hahaha oh man she has been reading very studiously in the pearl of great price. She is so awesome!! She is from Berlin, and has lived here for about six or seven years. She has been steadily coming to church, and accepting the lessons. We plan to invite her to baptism within the next two hours!! Woohoo!
That’s all the time I have for that. Wish I could say oodles more!
Noo idea about Christmas calls....
Two awesome things happened this week.
1. We went up to Peine to visit a less active sister. She lives a little bit in the middle of nowhere. At the end we were pushing it with time, and then she asked us how to talk to a friend about the gospel. of course we were going to give her advice right! But then when we walked outside, sister Harris looked at her watch, and said we have to run! If we missed our bus to Bahnhof we would be stuck for an hour, but we had other trains to catch and people to see so we started jamming over there! I was looking at my watch, totally thinking we were going to miss it, but I was praying anyway that somehow we would make it! Lo and behold, the bus was 3 minutes late. WE MADE IT. Seriously, Heavenly Father is involved in the little things of our lives. I know it. He cares about everything!  
2. We were visiting a newly baptized family, and we decided to sing a song. As we started to sing, one of the little boys came over and snuggled into my side so he could try and sing the words. SO PRECIOUS!! I love all of the sweet children here! It made my day!
Well time is coming to an end!
I love you all so much. Stay true, and expect a letter in the mail!! 
liebebee grĂ¼sse
sister mittleman

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