Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Just Loved Being Outdoors In The Lovely German Nature.

November 3, 2014
Schönen guten Morgen everybody!
IT IS NOVEMBER!!! I can hardly believe it!!! But it is very exciting. It is so pretty here in Germany.  The weather is unbelievably gorgeous, people can hardly believe it. I like to think that it is because good ol Deutschland is trying to take care of the little california girl. danke schön, Deutschland, danke schön.
SISTER NORTON IS GOOOONE. That was just so weird! I cried as their (elder carpenter left on the same train too) train pulled away....then I turned around and was....alone...with three elders...I am so excited for sister Norton to continue being crazy and sharing her testimony with those at home. She is the best!!!
Sister Harris is from Wisconsin. She has been out for about a year. She looks Asian, but she isn't..  She is sooo excited and happy! I love it!! We will continue to do great things together, I just know it.
Megan's emails are sooo funny!!  So her. She is just doin' awesome, I am so proud of her, she is such an example of happiness to me.
This week was a little hard, with sister Norton leaving, and then me taking over the area, and trying to keep everything going. We had a lot of appointments fall out, which was hard of course, but life goes on.
R! So we took over a recent RM, Yannick, who served in the England London South Mission I think. We talked about fasting and praying in relation to baptism. We had decided it would be a good leap of faith to set a date, and then ponder about the date. Sometimes we need to take a step forward into darkness, before the light illuminates the way. R didn't say yes, but hey she didn't say no!! She knows that baptism is right, and comes from God. We decided on the 22nd of this month. She came to church and really liked it; We will go over this week to see how she is feeling. I love her so much, she is strong in her faith, and strengthens me so much!
B!!! Oh man, I love B! B still has the desire to be baptized, he just doesn't know how much longer he will be here in Braunscwheig. There are still some lessons and principles we need to teach him, but he is just so open to learn and improve his life and well being. haha, when i asked him if baptism was still something he wanted to do, he said, well yes, but I don't think I can do it next week because I need to buy a white suit to get baptized in. hahahaha he is so precious!
So last week, a lady just walked in to church with an invite that was waaay old, thank goodness the ward still meets at the same time! She gave me her number, and stayed for all three meetings. She really enjoyed how "lebendig" it all is:) she didn’t have time last week to meet, but she came to church yesterday again! We will meet this week, and she wants to come to stake conference next week.
Stake Conference is next week in Hannover, we get to go awww yeah!! I am excited. This week we have a zone training meeting on Wednesday in Hannover as well. And guess who is going to be there? President and Sister Kosak! Interview time!! I am stoked. What a treat and blessing.
Ok now I will answer some of your questions.
Shoes are doing well. Yes ill buy boots soooon. But they are not yet needed. I am enjoying that while I can
We usually have an eating appt every Sunday, rarely another time during the week. I LOVE GERMAN FOOOD. That meal is usually lunch. That's the main meal here. mittags. I can't tell you how much I love the food here!!! So good!!
Yes we cook some things. Will you send me a recipe for cookies, like pumpkin bread or a little somethin something? That would be cool. Our kitchen is tinyyy, but it's fine.
I ran out of my star wars sour vitamin gummies!!!! I’ll have to find an agreeable alternative.
I stayed here in Braunschweig, so my address is the same!
The best thing this week was last Monday, our last pday as a district before Trainer Norton and elder carpenter left. We took the train down to Goslar, where the elders lead us pretty much straight up a German "hill" if you could call it. It was so much fun, and I just loved being outdoors in the lovely German nature. It was so beautiful!! suuuuper tiring. But a day well spent. I loved it.
Thank you for your updates and encouragement. I really can feel the love since I've been here in Germany. I love being here, and I love being a missionary. We have a misison goal to have 125 baptisms by the end of the year. Totally shaffbar!!! We had a mission wide conference call last Saturday night. President Kosak  said that we must believe in and expect miracles. We have to have the desire to do what it takes to bring as many souls unto Christ as we can. "If you do not have such a desire, why are you here?" THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT. We can all be apart of this sacred and important work. The Savior and Father in Heaven will magnify our efforts, we just have to try! I love you all!!
Sister Mittleman

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