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Welcome to Germany, Silver Fox Status!

November 10, 2014
Greetings and good tidings from Deutschland, land where everybody smokes and it's cool for men to carry tote bags. First shout out goes to Stacie Norton, my first trainer who has been home for almost two weeks now!! Woohoo! Mom you should friend her on FB. Dad you too I guess.
Highlights from the week and then answers to questions I didn't answer.
Zone training meeting in Hannover! Yes Elder Karlen, Jacob's cousin was there as he is a zone leader. (If you had sent the package a littttle bit earlier I might have gotten it then, but I should be able to get it next month, alles gut)My interview with president Kosak was awesome!! I LOVE HIM. He is so funny and solid. I said the opening prayer in German and he complimented me on my German. (life goal accomplished.)
We had lots of joint teaches this week. We visited this one lady with a lady from the ward. Frau H hasn't been to church yet, but she really agrees with everything we teach and talk about. Schw B from the ward pretty much straight up said her baptism wasn’t valid, and then after talking we invited her to baptism. She said she has to think about it (not a surprise). Going to church will be really helpful, so she can just come and check out the scene!! After our appt Schw B took us back to her place where she made us eierkuchen. aka german pancakes. She is this suuuper cute older lady. She made soooo many but they were sooooo cute and full of German goodness. I’ll send a pic of the stack.
Eierkuchen aka German pancakes

We took a recently returned missionary to R’s. She knows that baptism is a good thing to do, but said that one day she will just decide to do it. Our gml suggested going over just to read in the BOM with her, so we did that yesterday and in the middle of reading she said something about her first baptism, and expressed concern and questions. Revelation for us all indeed. We didn’t know she was still thinking about that, so we were grateful for her saying so.  We are going back with a solid prepared lesson to help her see the need for the restoration of the priesthood.
B has a really busy life as he has a looot of job interviews all the time. But we were able to meet with him and take him through the gospel of Jesus Christ. He wanted to know where he was on his " heilige Reise" hahahaha his German is so great!! We also talked about the word of wisdom, as that is something he is still struggling with. He knows that he should stop smoking, its just realizing that we need to focus on the enabling power of the Atonement instead of on our own weaknesses. But hey, easier said than done. He still wants to get baptized!! But with his schedule we are moving forward slowly. He was telling us how much the church, and the sisters (us) (heeeey) changed his life. I know I have said this before, but seeing somebody develop faith, and watching them change through the power of the Gospel is probably the coolest and most worthwhile thing ever.
We got to go to stake conference in Hannover this weekend! The stake president looks and sounds like president Uchtdorf. Welcome to Germany, silver fox status! On Sunday, our new investigator, H, the lady who just walked into church two weeks ago, drove us over. We were so excited she came!! She really is a miracle sent from the Lord.
I have seen many small miracles and tender mercies this week.  Many of them were nice bus drivers with warm buses. Last night we were RUNNING to catch a train, man I hate but love all those experiences I’ve had. Every time I’m just praying my heart out that we'll make it. And we did. Heavenly Father is so aware of each and every one of us. He is aware of every circumstance and situation we find ourselves in. He wants to hear about it all! I know it.
Soo some answers to your questions,
Sister Elda Harris is from Wisconsin!! She is cheerful and excited and soooo friendly and warm. She invites the spirit into our studies, prayers, and lessons. etc so easily. I love her!!
Have not seen that movie yet. (Meet the Mormons)
hahahaha challenging? Mom, please. Alright alright now that the humble pie is gone down.... challenging thing was almost getting sick earlier this week.  I bought some vapor rub though and it healed me. haha President Kosak even smelled it during my interview. He was impressed.
My interview with President was probably the best thing about this week. Besides all the German food I ate. And besides the fact that I am a missionary, but that's implied right?
I love my life. Not just because I am a missionary, but because I know that I am a child of God, my Heavenly Father who loves me so much. I love you all so much. Being a missionary has made me realize how simple the Gospel is. We know through the scriptures and leaders of the church what we need to do to be happy. So let's do it! There is no place I would rather be than here. You all strengthen me soooo much. Thank you soooo much for EVERYTHING. I can’t even say how grateful I am!!! 2 Nephi 4 has meant a lot to me in the past few weeks, I personally invite you to read it. Stay gold! I love you!
Liebe Grüße,
Sister Mittleman
ps i sent a letter today!!
View from Madison's apartment

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