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October 5, 2015

We are sitting in the Internet laden, and some guy in a bandana next to me is getting angry that the Internet isn't working. He is mumbling angrily in Spanish wooooo goooood times....


This week was automatically goood because of general conference!!!!! But other things contributed as well.

We got to spend the evening of Elder Clarke's birthday with him at the Todd's. Sister Todd made texas sheet cake and it was sooo rich. It was really fun, I was glad to be there. haha can't believe he is finally 20!!! 

Tuesday at district meeting the couple serving here half the week, Elder and Sister Hilton, shared some thoughts on discipleship. I LOVE THE HILTONS. (Yes parents of Brother Hilton, instructor at BYU) they shared some of their own experiences, and it was just so cool. They are schon √§lter, so they are very wise! They gave such strong testimony of the importance of this work, and how all of our sacrifices are worth it. I was actually a bit surprised at how touched I was. Seeing people who have been Disciples of Christ for so long, and who are STILL choosing the right and defending the truth was really meaningful for me. I hope I can be like Elder and Sister Hilton one day. I'm glad I can be here with them.  They feel so much like family. What a blessing.

Friday at church there was this KARTOFFELFEST aka a potato party..... OH GERMAN RELIEF SOCIETY PRESIDENTS AND THEIR FUN IDEAS. Haha probably the first and last time I will attend a party full of songs, poems and food dedicated completely to potatoes. It was soooo fun!!! A less active sister from the ward came with whom it is hard to meet with. She had a chill time. Lots of members brought friends with whom we had good talks with and of course the food was amazing. There was potato salad, the Todd’s brought funeral potatoes, bratkartoffeln, kartoffelpuffer, potato soup, even some sweet potato bread. Kartoffelfest 2015 did not disappoint.

Thursday we had an AMAZING lesson with Rene and Holger. It was our first real lesson with just the two of them. FINALLY. Rene curiously read through the baptismal interview questions, and asked awwwweeeesome questions about several things. He talked about how he'd had this amazing feeling at church but then he left he lost it, and so he wanted to know what to do to keep it. Music to our ears!  That was probably one of the most spiritual and funniest appointments I have ever had. Those two are just so sweet and sooo funny. Oh man it was so gooooood! 
They said they would come to one of the sessions of conference, and might bring a friend. haha, so we were standing outside the church yesterday, checking out the scene, and then this blue slightly hippie looking van pulls across the front and turns into the parking lot. We couldn't really see who was driving, and so we were like who can this be? Then all of a sudden (while the car was still moving along) the back door slides open, and there is Rene, smiling and waving. Oh man it was so funny!!! Totally unexpected but so good! I am proud to call them our investigators and friends. They did bring a friend. This one was a little like the one from a few weeks ago, but better still. They stayed for a session, and found it overall good. Can't wait to see them this week!

SO CONFERENCE. Totally good! As I read through my notes from today I realized that I received solid revelation for the questions and concerns that I have. I watched the women's conference and 3 others (the Todd’s are having us over for fhe to watch the Sunday afternoon session with their family wooo) Some of my favorite talks were President Nelson's and President Monson's as well. President Nelson just said it so well about the women we need in the church. I like that he said we need women who will not just make covenants, but who will keep them. I mean, it can be easy to make covenants, but keeping them is the sifting part. I was just so encouraged and strengthened in my resolve to be strong and constant in my conversion. And with President Monson I loved that he talked about being an example. The world is bad. Our standards and faith really do stand out. We have the light of our testimonies, and therefore we have a responsibility to stand up for them. It is hard, but it feels right and it brings peace. 

I know that the men and women who lead the church are called of God. They are not just people who we have chosen who we think and hope will do a good job. We can feel assurance that THEY are the ones chosen by God. I know through the Holy Ghost that President Monson is God's chosen prophet. I know that Christ leads this church. I know His Gospel is true. I love my Redeemer. The Atonement is real. I love being His representative, I looooove being a missionary. 

Leipzig Lerche Filled with Marzipan
Altes Rathaus, my faaavorite sight of Leipzig

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