Monday, October 12, 2015

This City Is Gorrrrgeous. I Love It :)

October 12, 2015

This week was goooood I'm tired right now so sorry if this is short.

It is turning to autumn and feels like winterrrrr ahhhhh this week was chillly. Time to start missing California again!!!!!

We met with Renè and Holger this week. They brought us some Christstollen Bread. it's like fruitcake you see during Christmas. We taught the restoration, it went really goood. We gave Renè some good suggestions for reading in the Book of Mormon, and he was excited. We asked if he came to church what he wanted the investigator class to be about, and he said baptism is really interesting to him. Woohoooo. Yesterday he came to church in this cute little sweater. He stayed for all three hours!! Our gml taught a solid lesson about baptism. It was awesome. Rene loved the verses in Mosiah 18 talking about Baptism. I love that guy, and I am grateful he is making his way forward.

Thursday we had a zone training meeting. That was cool, sister Reed and I gave a short thema on Elder Cook's talk from conference. I love missionary meetings :))
The Assistant’s were there, and before it all started, they and we had gotten there earlier so Sister Reed and one our Zone Leaders could practice something together, and before they started, Elder Wpf went up to the podium and told me to come with. Haha he is from Canada and sooo precious! He had Elder Siddoway play and then we just sang together, oh my gosh he was so excited and it was all just so random but fun.

Transfers will come again in two weeks. So the last Saturday of this month we will find out. After this transfer I only have 3 LEFT. That's nothing!!!!!!

Moving quickly on to the next question...

Yeah for p-day here we stroll around the city center, or take a nap. Next week we hope to go to this cool war monument-Volkerschlacht Denkmal. Can't believe I have been here 4 months and have not been there..... Honestly just walking around Innenstadt here is a tour enough. This city is gorrrrgeous. I love it :)

Hardest part of the week was the chilly weather.

2 highlights not missionary related were 1. The gemeinde ausflug to torgau. Spent good times with the ward on a little outing, saw a castle, ate bratwurst, eis, and flew kites on this huuuuuge field. It was awesome. 2. Yesterday our eating appointment before church was at this old couple in the ward. schnitzel, rotkohl, potatoes, and gravy over it all. IT WAS SO GOOD. Oh my gosh German food is amazing and I love when little old German ladies make us heaven in the form of food. For dessert we wad Mandarins, they also served us this "wein" that was like 100%direkt saft of grapes without alcohol. Germans know how to drink their juice.

We sing on Sunday in sacrament meeting, Elder Clarke will play, and Sister Reed and I will sing together. "Our Savior's Love" I love it and I'm stoked.

A scripture I read this week and which was also mentioned at my Zone training meeting is Alma 23:6. It's not important to just believe, but to be CONVERTED. two different things. Sometimes it is clear to see in others if they believe, or if they are truly converted with their whole heart and soul. Sometimes it is harder to see that in ourselves. May we all ponder our personal comittment to the truth! 
I know that Joseph Smith restored the church of Christ. I know it’s our responsibility to do while here on the earth. I know God loves us, we are His.

alles liebet
Sister Mittleman
Gemeinde Ausflug

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