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December 21, 2015


I am so stoked to talk to you this week!! Can’t believe it's time for that already. 

This past week was pretty cool.

I love Christmas in Germany, everything about it is just magical. the Weihnachtsmarkt is pretty much like the coolest thing ever.

Sister Jackson is holding up well. She is a bit tired still, but other than that its good! Her German has already improved a ton. I’ts fun having a new missionary. challenging, but way fun!

We were able to go to a neighboring city to try and contact a church referral, she wasn’t home but we were able to help her neighbor up the stairs with her heavy bags, and we also talked to this cool lady from Kazikstahn who had never heard about the church. That was solid.

Wednesday we had distrikt meeting and then later got to go caroling to older single members with the elders and the single young woman in the ward and her leader. that was really fun, to see the joy in the people's faces. Christmas cheer is real.

Thursday we had an appnt with a lady and her husband who the sisters had found through dooring. She had "promised" an appnt so there we were. Talk about Deutsche Dunkelheit- the place was soooo dark hahaha i loved it. They were not interested, unfortunately. I shared my testimony about the truthfulness of our message and how COOL AND LIFE CHANGING it is, but still no interest. moments like that are hard, but I felt the spirit, and I'm grateful for my testimony.

Friday SISTER NORTON AND ELDER CARPENTER GOT MARRIED aka Stacie and Kord. I shed a tear at 18 my time, when they were getting sealed. Man I love them...
we went out in the rain and got soaked trying to talk to people, and then later had time to go dooring. A good mixture of friendly and mean people. Nice variety if you know what I'm saying. 

Saturday we had a lot of conversations about Christmas and family. One girl with whom we talked said we could come visit her next week. WHAT WHAT. That was cool. Now just praying and hoping it goes through!!  We talked about having the same feeling for our family as with Jesus. It was awesome. Later we went to the ward Christmas party, including a fairy tale put on by the adults, followed by the weihnachtsmann aka Santa coming. BEST PARTY EVER. Oh my gosh German fairy tales are the best, mildly brutal and violent, but hilarious. Our ward mission leader was the star and it was just so precious. When Santa came, he calls the kids up, then to get their presents they recite a poem or sing a song. OF COURSE at the end the missionaries got called up. We sang Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, haha momma I was wearing the sweater you sent and it was a hit! 

I've been thinking a ton about Christmas. I am so grateful that I have been serving here. All of my experiences have brought me closer to Christ, and my testimony has been strengthened. I feel especially with Christmas, I don't feel too much of a difference, because I’ve been thinking so much of Christ this year. even with all the cool stuff going on. This week on the 25th of course (24th for the Germans) we celebrate His birth, but it almost feels normal to me. Haha I just know that on the 25th we are eating a traditional German meal and I get to skype my family. Hopefully that doesn't come off wrong, JUST KNOW that I love my Savior so much. I know that He loves me, and wants me to succeed. He understands me, He is always there waiting to help me go on. His life was humble, but powerful.  In our quietest and simplest moments of life we may feel the power of His Atonement perhaps the strongest. I have experienced this, and I am so grateful for that!



Love Sister Mittleman

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