Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Love All Of The Little Miracles And Seed Planting I Get To Be Apart Of.

January 25, 2016


I love it here so much! It seriously feels like home, like I have lived here forever. this lifestyle is just so.... normal. AH! 

This week was a goood one! 

We visited our little family from Macedonia two times, we read in the Book of Mormon and talked about the plan of salvation. We read something, then the husband attempts to summarize what happened in German which turns out to be like 95% Macedonian, and like 5% German. Haha I love them! They understand everything, they just can’t say it back. BUT yesterday they told us that they might have to move back sooner than expected! Noooooo! They are so inspiring to me, so humble. They will share a few of their problems, then they just go on and say how good God is to them. I want to have faith like they do. No matter what happens, I know God will bless this little family. Yesterday the wife made us food! SO GOOOD. Oh my gosh chicken and potatoes all Macedonien style WITH HOME MADE BREAD. Holy heck she just kept giving us more and more before we could object. STUFFED but soooooo gooood. Man I love them!

Miracle with our friend from Camaroon, Ruphi! we saw her son at a bus stop, then the next day we went by and she was there! All things are a bit crazy for her, she is moving around the corner and her husband had to fly back to Camaroon for a bit. She is busy with her baby and packing! We told her we (and probs the Elders) will help her, and she just started praying on the spot, she was so grateful! I love her! That morning I had reread Megan's email, with ether 12:6, and I felt prompted to share it with Ruphi. SHE LOVED IT. It was perfect. I know that God is working through us to help her feel His love. 

Our appnt with the lady I mentioned in my email last week went good! She is not at all churchy, but she said we could come back because we sounded nice :) So we talked about what we do as missionaries, and went through the restoration. She is a young German lady, really open. It felt so good to just openly talk about inviting people to learn more about God and the Savior. I forget sometimes what a simple and yet life changing invitation we give to people. I felt so filled with the spirit as I shared my testimony with her. Her calendar in February is full, and she wants some time to think about it, but she said we could call in a few weeks. Even if she doesn’t end up being ready now, I am glad we planted a seed with her!

We were on the streets a lot this week. we ran into this one guy who is from Syria, and who speaks fluent English. SO COOOOOOL. Oh my goodness. He is studying science, some really cool smart person major, and he says that he has no doubt that there is a God. He had never heard of our church before, but was way interested in what we do. He lives far away, but said when he is in the city he will call us. It was such a solid conversation. I still can't get over it. We were all just so open and laughing the whole time. He said afterward that it was the best conversation he has had in 6 months. LIFE MADE. Thank you. I love all of the little miracles and seed planting I get to be apart of.

Sooo yes mom I do hear from a few people I've served with. Sister Reed WENT HOME last week, President Kosak showed us pictures. 

Souvenirs, UH YES. I have bought so much. Well, I don’t know if its a lot or not. I bought a ton of stuff at the last Weihnachtsmarkt. Here in Cottbus there are not too many souvenirisch things to buy, the city is pretty..... normal. Maybe a magnet or something.....

Sister Jackson is doing well. She is so straight forward and diligent. It is a blessing for our companionship. I love her. Her German is improving, and is soo cute! She really tries, I admire her determination. Training takes a lot of patience, but I am enjoying it. 

Challenging things this week was the weather. Cold and wet.
Best thing of the week was seeing all of the people I love. 

Things I'll miss about Germany: people shopping with baskets at the store, the old people riding bikes, and the bread!!!!! German bread is good.

This week Ether 12: 27 took on a new meaning for me. In these last weeks I am noticing challenges and weaknesses that I did not see coming. Sometimes I think, "oh Come on, Heavenly Father, why does THIS have to be a problem for me right now?" Haha I think a little part of me expected my last transfer to be just happy happy happy and easy missionary work. Like I would choose the challenges I'm having. WRONGO. God knows what I have to learn, and how I must learn it. It's been pretty humbling, not going to lie. I'm really going to have to rely on Him till the end to help me overcome my weaknesses. This is HIS plan for me. He knows me better than I like to think I know myself. It's hard, and sometimes submitting to His will can be done begrudgingly, BUT I trust Him. I know He is looking out for me. 
I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and I know that His pure Gospel is on the earth today. How lovely that I can spend my time dedicated to sharing this message. 

Liebe grüße aus Cottbus,

Sister Madison Mittleman

Our Church Building in the snow!

Cottbus is so pretty!

On the way to choir on the Bahn

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