Monday, January 18, 2016

He Was Born So I Could Have a New Start Each Day-

December 14, 2015


Good times, good times.

Soooo Monday through Wednesday I was in Dresden. the Weihnachtsmarkt there is waaaay big and cool. So pretty. That was a sight to behold.

Wednesday we went to Freiberg, had a little contakt with the TRAINEES, then had a trainer meeting, then went to bed....IN THE LITTLE TEMPLE LODGING PLACE. that was really cool.

Thursday morning we had a little devotional in the Baptistry of the Temple with all of the trainers and trainees. we sang High On the Mountain Top in German. that was a really sacred and awesome experience.
Then we got ASSIGNED...... AND I AM WITH SISTER JACKSON. from Midway Utah. She is 19, and fresh outta high school. SHE IS COOL. I like her. the poor thing has been a bit sick in the past few days so we have not been able to do much, but it's going good so far. 
Thursday afternoon we had a zone training meeting, which finished at 18, oh my gosh what an exhausting day. Then we had to be driven to Bahnhof by the assistants and Elder Curtis, one of the senior missionaries, with all of the luggage so we could catch our train at 1830. it was all wild. And the 3 hour train ride made it even more of a tiring day. BUT we made it back to Cottbus okay. Hahaha felt like I had been gone the whole week OH WAIT I WAS.

Yes, I received my Christmas package, and the little package from MEGAN!!! That one I opened. It was soooooo precious and thoughtful. She included a little note from a talk with a quote THAT I HAD LITERALLY WRITTEN DOWN TWO DAYS EARLIER IN MY PLANNER. That was cool. I love her so much!!!!

Skyping still not sure but next week FOR SURE I will let you know. I’m thinking sometime in the evening my time.....that is all...

Went to the Weihnachtsmarkt today, it was Sister Jackson’s FIRST time everrrr. It’s small here, but pretty. just a magical place to cruise through with nothing on your mind. I love Christmas here!!

I love being here, and I love thinking of my Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful I can be His representative here in Germany.

Love you all!!!

alles liebe aus Cottbus,

Sister Mittleman


Dresden Christmasmarkt

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