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Suspenseful PDay!

November 9, 2015


This week was cool and I have no idea how this next week will be.

Cottbus is really cool. I would love to stay here, but I don't know if that's going to happen. At stake conference on Saturday, President Fingerle was there, so Sister Fehlmann went up to him and asked him what was going to happen. He is supposed to call us TODAY sometime to give us all the deets........mal schauen when and if that happens..... So I HAVE NO IDEA where I will be in a week or the next. I'll go to Berlin Sunday afternoon with Sister Fehlmann, that much is clear. Soooo I really hope we hear today so we can know if our program will be staying open (there is a chance they might close it) aahhhhhh I'm dying to know!!!! So I guess I'll tell you next week after the suspense is all over. Naja! (that was the challenging part of the week)

We don't have any regular investigators, but there are a lot of recent converts we work with, or try to work with at least. We had a hard time getting a hold of them this week. It's way cool talking to new converts, once people have made the decision to be baptized and then actually do it, they are THAT much cooler. talking to people who love the gospel is awwwwesome. They love it and you can see a special light in their eyes. I love it!

Cottbus is a pretty city. It's waaay smaller than Leipzig. But really cozy. Like a little suburb almost. there are buses, and maybe two little trams that run everywhere. Lots of trees, surrounded by many little forests. I like it.

Bessst thing this week was.... Going to the Tempel! and we actually went inside!! we took two of the recent converts Saturday morning to the tempel. the gml, Bishop, and a few other ward members came to. We got a little lesson from the temple sisters there, then since our gml called the senior couple there who are overseeing the renovation of the temple, we got to go INSIDE and have a little mini andacht by the baptismal font. The temple is not really a temple, it's "just a building right now" but there was still a special feeling there. I had so much fun, and we all felt so good. It made me realize how much I miss the Temple!!! I can't wait to go back. 
After that we drove on to Dresden for Stake Conference. Our ward and another ward sang in a choir. Holla! haha, I sat next to Sister Kosak's MOM. She is so precious. and she has a solid old lady voice, she is like the soprano version of Sister Kosak. Sister Kosak sat on the other side of her, haha that was fun. Saturday night we stayed over by the sisters there, and the chemnitz sisters were there too, so I got to chat it up with Sister Kronwitter!!! Man I love her. We all just had a party. On Sunday the conference was cool, while we waited to go home we walked around the city there in Dresden. soooooo coooool and pretty!!

This week I have been thinking a lot on how grateful I am for my own testimony. Lots of people we talk to on the street tell us that we need more experience in life.  "Then we'll see"- we're still naive enough to believe in God. I know I am only 20, and I have still trials to expect, BUT I know how happy this Gospel makes me. I believe now, and build my faith so that when the hard times come, I won't give up or blame God. Things have never been so clear to me. I know that God lives, and I know He is there for us unconditionally. He has a perfect plan. Life is not easy, that is apart of the plan. I know through Jesus Christ we can get through everything. We can be filled when we think we are empty. I love and cherish my testimony, it is tried multiple times a day when people reject our message. But I will stay true! The Gospel is true! 
love you all!

Alles Liebe aus Cottbus

Sister Mittleman

Schwester's Fehlmann & Mittleman

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