Monday, January 18, 2016

Guess Where I AM?

January 4, 2016

Still in Cottbus, yes. Still in Germany, yes and thank goodness.

Alright let's get specific. We went to the church to email and the
Internet wasn't working again, so we called the best ward member ever
aka President Kosak (Madison's former Mission Pesident who lives in the ward she's assigned to). He had helped us with this problem a bit last
week, but this time he looked in an email about the church building
and realized that the Internet was down until Wednesday.... so we were
talking and then came those four words that made my dreams come
true...." Just come to us."
WITH PLEASURE. Soooo we are sitting here in the Kosak's living room,
just typing away. Sister Kosak is sitting here, preparing a seminary
lesson, and President is over across the room in his study, typing
away at the computer. Everyone is concentrating, so it's nice and
quiet. The elders will come too in maybe 15 minutes or so. I AM IN
HEAVEN. there is just such a gentle and peaceful feeling here. It
feels like home. How I love the Kosak’s.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I can't believe it's 2016.
I am grateful for a new beginning and a new start.
This week was way cool, we were able to meet with Ruphine, and try to
clear up our purpose as missionaries, that went pretty well. She loves
God so much it's really cool talking with her about her faith. We gave
her a Book of Mormon and she totally kissed it. LOVE HER.
We also went to visit a little family from Macedonia, oh man on the
way there it was COLD.  Like really cold. We were walking along and I
just remember wishing I could be home snuggled up in my bed. BUT I am
making these type of sacrifices for these precious people. It's hard,
but when we push through it is so so so worth it. We got there, and
just the wife was there, and although the language barrier is tough,
we had such an uplifting time. The spirit was peaceful and just
niiiice. I felt the chastisement for inwardly complaining about the

New Years was craaaaazzzy Germans love their fireworks so it was a
loud night. We spent a few hours with a family, that was really fun,
they lit off some fireworks for us.

Sister Jackson is doing well, her German gets better every day! She is
so funny and just takes everything on so well. I'm so proud of her and
her progress. It's humbling to train!

Well this week I set my goals for the year, and probably some for the
remainder of my mission. Stay tuned.

Loooooove you from Cottbus,

Sister Mittelmann

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