Monday, January 18, 2016

I Love Christmas In Germany!

November 30, 2015


The Weihnachtsmarkt is here and decorations are everywhere. I love it.
Today we strolled through it all, soooo goooood. I love Christmas in

Wednesday we had our hoho zoko in berlin, it was really fun. We got to
watch the new Christmas video from the church, and talked a lot of how
we can share it. The Fingerle's wanted to have an all out lunch, so we
ate Klöße, Rotkohl, and Rouladen. HERRLICH. And guess who sat across
from us, .......Sister and President Fingerle! That was fun, they're
so good! Really funny and open.

Thursday we had another amazing lunch, in honor of Thanksgiving, and
guess who sat across from us......haha the Kosak’s!! Being at the home
of my former Mission President and his wife was waaaay interesting but
overall SO fun. We had Klöße, Rotkohl, and turkey! Sooooo good. I even
made little turkey headbands for Sis Siems and me. I love the Kosak’s
so much, they're so funny and caring.

So Cottbus is really cool, we just don't have any people to teach!
That's the challenging part. Well we visited our lady aus Camaroon,
but I am not sure how much she understands of what we are saying. She
wanted to come to church yesterday, but her son was sick. It is going
slow, but I'm determined. I just watched the Mormon message, what
shall we give, where president Monson is talking. He talks about how
at Christmas time we can become more interested in people, then in
things. THAT IS ME. I just see so clearly how much the Savior and his
life can bless the lives of those here, and I just wish more people
would listen. I feel so blessed to have this testimony, though.  It
brings me a joy I cannot describe. I love that I am here, and can
testify of Christ. No matter what people may say, or how they may
react, I know it's true.

This is the last week of the transfer! Saturday we get the call.
Sister Siems is doing good, we get along really well. Lots of laughs,
thank goodness. I'm anxious to see what will happen with our program
next transfer!

The weather is freeeeeeezing. More does not need to be said.

Honestly the best thing of the week was singing " away in a manger"
well " im Stroh in der Krippe" at zoko this week, that really brought
a tender spirit into my heart. I love this time of year.

Rene gets baptized this Saturday at 12. I think elder Clarke is
actually baptizing him! .... Still waiting to see if I can go, but
nevertheless I am so stoked and excited for him!  How sweet it will be
to see him all in white. Miracle! I love him so much!

Wellll I'll let you know in a week what is going down.





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