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Goodbye Leipzig!

October 26, 2015

wassup Cottbus wassssup
 wasssup Cottbus wasssup


jump on it jump on it jump on it


Soooo yes I am leaving Leipzig after 5 months. Cottbus is the home ward of the Kosaks!!! haha awww yeah!  My new companion is a German visa waiter. She has been here for 6 weeks so I am like her 2nd companion/trainer wahhhhh. buuuut here's the thing! I called her to get all the deets and she said that she actually should be getting her visa in like 3 weeks. Aaand she is going to the Salt Lake Temple Platz Mission!! Waaaaay cooool but a bit of a bittersweet thing. I'm stoked to be with a German again but if she leaves in 3 weeks then I'll be way sad. Naja! we shall see!!! I leave tomorrow and I'm excited.

What I will miss most about Leipzig is just how gorgeous it is. The style of all the buildings and just how cooool it is. This place is really cool, and I have loved walking these streets. The people are always entertaining, as well. Tons of different personalities here. This city is just straight up cool. I hope to come back someday. (Someone today told me it's great for a honeymoon, holla! ;)
The ward here is also awesome. I was sad to share my testimony yesterday for the last time, here, I love this ward a lot. It's huge, but good. 

Best thing this week was meeting with Rene and Holger. We met on Friday and our ward mission leader, Bruder Pabst came. SO GOOD. I love them so much. We had planned to invite Rene to prepare to get baptized either at the end of November or beginning of December, and he said yes!!! YESSSSSSSSS. it was awesome having our gml there, he is a stud and just helped bring clear understanding to everything we talked about. The sisters in the other ward had a baptism on Saturday, so the two came to that as well. Rene said he knows he doesn't feel ready right now, but he wants to work on getting there. I know I said this already, but he GETS IT. What the goal is, why it's important. and he wants it. I have met three people like this on my mission, Frau Devers, Marita (the inv of the sisters who just got baptized Vorgestern) and Rene. It's gonna happen for him, sooon! We got ice cream today and then we went to the top of this building that overlooks the city, and he was just talking about his baptism and how he feels. My heart melted!!! I don't want to leave him!!! But I might be able to come back for his baptism, so that keeps me feeling okay. oh man I love him so much! So we were at the top of this building, looking out over the city, and then I turned around and the two had pulled out a little present for me! aw man. They gave me sweets and a little picture frame with a pic of us when we were on the way to the temple.  I will miss them so much.

Mannn now that I’ve typed up all this good stuff about Leipzig it makes me want to stay so bad!! And now tonight we will go say goodbye to more people who I love!!! But it can't and won't last forever. the relationships will and the memories will, though. I am grateful I could serve here. Oh Leipzig.  

We said goodbye to Elder Aust this morning, who flies home on Wednesday. He was my district leader in Lübeck and then zone leader here.  (he's from Fresno) (TOTAL STUD) It's sooo weird how the time goes by sooo fast. I was in Lübeck like 10 months ago!!!! and now I only have 4 months. 

I am grateful I can serve my Savior, and my Father in Heaven. I know that the Lord will continue to use me and my little efforts to bring to pass good things. This Gospel is worth sacrificing for. Next week I'll be in Cottbus what what!


Sister Mittleman

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